I had the most amazing experience using the Hypnobirthing tools

Dairine’s Birth Story

water birth



Baby Kai

January 2022


Thank you! We had an amazing birth! I laboured at home for the night just using a TENS machine and a heat pack and had a few showers over the course of the night. When I got to the hospital, I was already fully dilated.

Got into the bath and had a water birth, about 30 mins after giving birth I gave birth naturally to the placenta. The whole entire night we listened to the Hypnobirthing tracks on repeat. I used the breathing techniques to get through each surge and I can’t even describe how helpful it was that Dean was able to help me through each surge by reminding me to breath etc.

Honestly, I had the most amazing experience using the Hypnobirthing tools and I have recommended the course to everyone. We had a little boy named Kai, he’s actually 4 weeks old today! He came 10 days after our estimated due date which was probably the hardest part mentally even though I know it’s a due month.

I was booked in to get induced on the 26th with the balloon booked in to get started on the 25th at 3pm. He arrived at 10:41 on the 25th so it couldn’t have gone any better. Thanks for sharing all the knowledge and I’m so happy with the experience I had.



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