Do you have that something special?

Hypnobirthing Australia is looking for some very special individuals, with a passion for positive birthing, to join our team as Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioners


If you are a Childbirth Educator, Doula, Midwife, Nurse, Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Psychologist, Doctor, Yoga/Pilates Instructor, Naturopath, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, hypnobirthing parent or have a background in maternal health and birthing, and are interested in creating a flexible business that you are passionate about or running our ‘Positive Birth Program’ at your local hospital or health facility, then we would love to hear from you!


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Hypnobirthing Australia is recognised as a world leader in hypnobirthing education. Our team already consists of over 250 Practitioners located throughout Australia and other parts of the world, however, we need more practitioners to join us, in order to spread the word of positive birthing further and make hypnobirthing more accessible to more parents.

After meeting certification requirements, you will become a ‘Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner’ and be given a certification badge that can be used on all of your marketing material as long as you remain certified. You will be able to order your hypnobirthing teaching materials through our Australian-based distribution centre.


Our belief is that women and families everywhere, deserve to have access to education and techniques to help make birthing one of the most positive and memorable experiences of their lives.

If you share our belief, then we look forward to welcoming you to the Hypnobirthing Australia team!

Australian College of Midwives recognised activity

For participants who are trained midwives, the Practitioner Training is an Australian College of Midwives (ACM) CPD Recognised Course (21 CPD Points).

Practitioner Childbirth Educator Training_ACM CPD Badge(21hrs)


Our Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner Training is a 21-hour live course (over 3 full days or spread over 6 weeks) in addition to additional training, resources, extra reading and assessment. If you require further training in childbirth and/or hypnosis – additional modules can be added to your training. See ‘Costs & Prerequisites’ below, for more details.


  • You will be affiliated with a nationally and internationally recognised brand
  • The ability to project a professional image right from the very start
  • Hypnobirthing Australia™ has a high media profile and has featured on Channel 9 Today Show, Channel 7 Sunrise, ABC, Googlebox, news & current affairs, national television and radio, Australian Women’s Weekly, Mother & Baby Magazine, Take 5 and Practical Parenting Magazine, popular baby/parenting forums and websites and social media


  • At Hypnobirthing Australia™ – we want you to succeed in your practice
  • We provide you with the highest standard of support, materials and training to set up your practice and teach your classes with confidence
  • Ongoing support from our Australian-based administration and training team
  • Up-to-date and evidence based teaching resources
  • Regular professional development opportunities
  • All Practitioners receive access to our exclusive online membership platform which holds extensive teaching and marketing resources
  • Access to our online Practitioner group which provides peer and expert support


  • The Hypnobirthing Australia™ program is more flexible than other hypnobirthing programs
  • We specialise in ‘positive’ birthing covering all types of birth (even when nature needs a helping hand)
  • It is a 12-hour course and you can adjust your class schedule to suit the needs & requirements of your local community
  • E.g. You could run your course over four weekly 3 hour sessions, or over two 6 hour full Saturdays or Sundays
Jessica Photo

The knowledge I gained was absolutely invaluable, and I now feel
confident and ready to progress as a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner.

Jessica Fletcher

Midwife (Northern Territory)

Practitioner Training Testimonial - Taylor Hewitt

I have walked away from the practitioners course feeling supported and
I am positive I will thrive under Hypnobirthing Australia's wing.

Taylor Hewitt

Childbirth Educator & Hypnobirthing Mama (NSW)

Practitioner Training Testimonial - Chelsea Brimble

It was so convenient to be able to do this course from home.

Chelsea Brimble

Midwife & Hypnobirthing Mama (South Australia)

Kasey Biggar - testimonial - WA Nursing & Midwifery Awards - Hypnobirthing Australia™ Birth Outcomes

I went into this program thinking it would make me a better midwife…
now I think I might become a successful business woman
and obtain great fulfilment in enriching people's lives – wow what a thought!!

Kasey Biggar

Award Winning Midwife & Nurse (WACHS - Western Australia)

Practitioner Training Testimonials - Jemma

This course has been exactly what I, as a Midwife and what the community have been waiting for.
Inspiration and motivation to change the fear of childbirth into a positive outlook.

Jemma Vyas

Midwife (Melbourne)

A huge thank you. I really enjoyed the course. I’ve been to many courses over the years
and your work is the most professional so far. This will change Australian birthing!

Sharon Glasswell

Hypnotherapist (Canberra)

Practitioner Training Testimonial - Lisa Simpson

I want to let you know how much I LOVED the practitioner course!!! I was totally inspired and still am.
It was an amazing 3 days and i can't wait to educate women and partners!

Lisa Simpson

Midwife (Victoria)

Practitioner Training Testimonial - Caitlin Dyer

I feel very confident after taking the course…it was so inclusive and
provided me with so much support both during and after the training. 

Caitlin Dyer

Nurse & Midwife (Brisbane)

Vicki Hobbs Photo

Best training program I have been to. Inspirational practitioners who work together in harmony
who all share the common goal... Absolutely love Hypnobirthing Australia!

Vicki Hobbs

Doula & Pregnancy Massage Therapist (Doula Training Academy - WA)


  • Receive your own listing and page within our popular and nationally recognised website
  • Your business will have an instant professional image and link it to an established brand which incites confidence and attracts business
  • You will be part of an active, online client referral system
  • The Hypnobirthing Australia™ website currently rates at the top of most common Google searches for hypnobirthing in Australia


  • We provide Training materials that are up-to-date and designed for an Australian & NZ market.
  • Easy to follow PowerPoint Presentations with extensive teaching notes, teaching resources, class training materials, eBook, Australian accent practice recordings and videos for parents
  • Beautiful recent annotated birth videos to show in classes
  • Pre & post-course support material including an exclusive online membership platform for parents (including an App)
  • Resources necessary to teach with confidence, simplicity and professionalism.
  • The training materials are easy to order through the Hypnobirthing Australia™ distribution centre.


  • The Hypnobirthing Australia™ Facebook and Instagram pages have a high following
  • We continue to grow in the important social media market and generate business throughout Australia
  • Our social media and YouTube videos provide a wonderful lead magnet for Practitioners
  • Our social media pages are updated regularly and provide additional support for hypnobirthing parents
  • We always ensure that we remain at the leading edge of national marketing


Practitioner Training

Melissa Spilsted presenter at Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner Training

The Practitioner training course includes: 21 hours of live training directly with Melissa Spilsted; all required Practitioner Training course materials (syllabus, lesson plans, scripts, birth videos, mp3s, eBook, extra tuition videos, folio, setting up information, PowerPoint presentations); advice on how to set up a viable and successful hypnobirthing business; expert training on how to engage your parents and enhance their learning experience; your first year’s membership fee (value $495); additional training for starting your business and your own listing page on our top-rated Hypnobirthing Australia website (once certified).

The cost for the Practitioner Training is $2200 (incl. GST) for either the in-person or webinar series. All training is live and interactive. A payment deposit of $500 is required to secure your place in the training and the final balance is due 30 days prior to the course start date.

Hypnosis Training

Hannah Polites self-hypnosis

If you don’t already have a background in hypnosis training – you will need to complete our 20 hrs home-study ‘Basics of Hypnosis for Childbirth’ home-study module. It is preferred that you complete this module before the Practitioner Course begins, when possible.

The cost for this module is $350 (incl. GST) and this includes your comprehensive textbook and access to the online learning platform with lessons, activities, instructional video, and mp3. It comprises of 20 hours of home study and is presented by Melissa Spilsted who is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in pregnancy and childbirth.

Childbirth Training

Hypnobirthing Newborn Baby

If you are not midwife, student midwife (2nd year onwards), doula, childbirth educator, doctor or nurse (with childbirth training); then our ‘Introduction to Childbirth’ home-study module is required.

This course which has been specially designed for the Hypnobirthing Australia program and is presented by Clinical Lecturer of Midwifery, Mae’t Pearson.

The cost for this module is $350.00 (incl. GST) and it consists of invaluable information for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, video lectures and a comprehensive workbook. This module comprises of 20 hours of home study.


Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner

After attending the full practitioner training and completing the required modules, you will be required to submit and pass the assessment, obtain a First Aid Certificate, arrange for your own insurance and sign the Practitioner Agreement before becoming certified as a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner and receiving full access to all training materials.

Upon commencing your own courses, all official class materials are ordered through the Hypnobirthing Australia administration team.

Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioners are invited to join our online Practitioners support group, participate in ongoing professional development and make use of the free Hypnobirthing Australia documents and forms and other relevant resources.

Your first year of certification and membership fee (from the date of training) is included in your Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner Course (value $495). 

An annual renewal process, fee, completed Code of Conduct, valid First Aid Certificate (unless you have current medical qualifications), insurance, and continuing professional development are required in order to remain certified to teach the program, have access to our teaching materials, ongoing support and keep your profile/listing page live on our website.


Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training Course

Are you wanting to train to become a Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner?

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The Hypnobirthing Australia™ program is a unique and comprehensive antenatal education program catering to Australian needs, that builds knowledge and uses techniques such as relaxation, self-hypnosis, breathing & movement for a safer, easier and gentle birth.

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Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training Course

Are you wanting to train to become a Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner?

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