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Hypnobirthing is a childbirth method that focuses on preparing parents for gentle birth. In hypnobirthing classes, you will learn proven techniques in a well-thought-out program of deep relaxation, visualisation, and self-hypnosis. All of these are designed to help you achieve a more comfortable birth. Hypnobirthing encourages a calm, peaceful, and natural pregnancy, birth, and bonding experience for families.

Other childbirth methods tend to teach you how to ‘cope with and manage pain’, hypnobirthing is based on the premise that a healthy woman, with an uncomplicated healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, should be able to birth in a more comfortable manner and without unnecessary interventions.

We focus on the joy of birth and positively anticipate our birthing day. When women understand that pain is caused by constrictor hormones (created by fear), they learn to release fear and create endorphins instead. Endorphins are the ‘feel good hormones’ that we naturally produce when we are calm and happy.

We also change our perceptions. Instead of thinking of a ‘long, painful labour’ – we replace this thought with expectations of a more comfortable birthing. Rather than exhausting, shallow breathing and the distraction techniques of typical “prepared childbirth” programs; hypnobirthing parents learn deep abdominal breathing and total relaxation, enabling us to work in harmony with our body and baby. This allows us to achieve an often shorter and more comfortable labour for mum and baby.

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Despite misconceptions and misinformation, you are definitely not unconscious during self-hypnosis. The Hypnobirthing mother is deeply relaxed, but she is also an active participant in the labour process. Though she is deeply relaxed, she is totally aware and may return to a conversant state or choose to become mobile whenever she desires. Hypnobirthing mothers often find that they experience time distortion and are not distracted by other people or their birthing environment, while they focus on their birthing and their baby

To be eligible for a private health fund rebate you will need to seek classes from a practitioner who is either a registered clinical hypnotherapist or registered privately practising midwife. You will need to request their provider number and receipt to enable claim with your health fund provider. 
Also, please note that some funds require ’specific’ wording for claims – such as Hypnotherapy for Childbirth or Childbirth Education Classes. Every fund is different so it would be worthwhile giving them a call. ;). 
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You can begin hypnobirthing any time, but we recommend that the optimal time to start your course is between 20 and 30 weeks. This will give you time to practise the self-hypnosis, relaxation and other effective techniques for gentle, easy birthing but also ensures that the course is still fresh in your mind.

If you are outside of that range please don’t worry, you can definitely still attend the classes and achieve a beautiful, calm birth. Melissa actually learnt hypnobirthing only 3 weeks before the birth of her first child and went on to use it successfully for all three children! Please don’t hesitate to contact your closest practitioner directly about options if you are further along in your pregnancy.

Absolutely! Many parents who have attended the course later in pregnancy, have achieved excellent results. In fact, Melissa Spilsted first learnt hypnobirthing techniques at 37 weeks, herself – so it can be done! Determination is the deciding factor when it comes to hypnobirthing success. Please feel free to contact your closest practitioner to discuss more intensive training options if needed.

Bring yourself and your birth partner/companion. Your birth partner can be your partner, doula, sister, friend, mother – whoever you feel will best support you throughout your pregnancy and birth. However, you are also welcome to come solo if you prefer. 

The birth partner of the mother’s choice can be an integral part of the hypnobirthing experience. He or she practices with the mother in helping to prepare for deep relaxation. During labour the partner guides the labouring mother through hypnosis prompts, relaxation techniques, deepening methods, and visualisations, provides comfort measures, and joins in welcoming the new baby.

The choice is yours. The Hypnobirthing Australia Course is a very comprehensive course in natural childbirth education. Hospital antenatal courses often cover a lot of information about interventions and medical procedures during birth. In hypnobirthing we learn all about the birth process, what to expect during pregnancy/the onset of labour/birthing, how to release any fears associated with birthing and we learn techniques (relaxation, breathing, visualisations and deepening exercises) to use during labour. Having said that, we are of the belief that ‘knowledge is power’ and the knowledge that you will gain through antenatal classes, along with your hypnobirthing classes, can help you to make informed decisions. So ultimately, the choice is yours whether you choose to attend just our course, or both.

Hypnobirthing does not promise painless birthing, though many hypnobirthing mothers do report having a relatively pain-free birth or one that they were able to manage easily. When the cause of pain ‘fear’ that constricts the birthing muscles—is eliminated, birthing can be accomplished in a shorter period and much more comfortably. A relaxed mother’s body will produce more endorphins, nature’s own relaxants. Hypnobirthing mothers may still experience sensations of tightening or pressure; but most describe their birth experience as working with their body through the sensations, and thus avoiding the excruciating pain that is frequently spoken of by women who have prepared for their birth differently.

Melissa can speak from personal experience (having used hypnobirthing techniques for her own 3 births) and says, “I can honestly tell you that when I worked with my body (in a relaxed state), I felt strong sensations, tightening, pressure, but not directly what could be described as ‘pain’. It was no ‘walk in the park’, it was at times very hard work, but there was no screaming or distress. I was calm, focused and working with my body to birth my children. My hypnobirths were beautiful, positive, calm and very joyful births and I believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to experience birth that way!”

Absolutely. The things you will learn in your hypnobirthing classes will help you to learn relaxation skills that will be useful to both you and your baby, regardless of your birth experience. In the event that medical intervention of any sort is needed, you will find yourself better able to remain calm and in control. Mothers who have needed scheduled caesareans for medical reasons report that they were totally relaxed before, during and after the procedure. Many report that they needed little or no medication following the birth, and they were able to return to normal functioning in a very short period of time.

Hypnobirthing is very beneficial to Mums who have special circumstances. Many obstetricians, midwives and doctors are now requesting that mothers take a hypnobirthing course or similar before VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean).

In fact, we even have special tracks and an alternative program designed for caesarean birth. We want you to experience a positive and empowering birth; regardless of how your precious baby comes into the world. That’s what we are all about… positive birthing and parenting.

More and more care providers are becoming aware of the benefits of hypnobirthing. If your care giver is not knowledgeable about hypnobirthing, take the opportunity early in your pregnancy to discuss the techniques you will be using and the type of calm birthing environment that you desire. In class, you will learn how to create a plan of Birth Preferences, which will help you to communicate your birthing goals and preferences to your doctor or midwife.

You can attend a hypnobirthing Refresher with a Certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner. The refresher course is usually run privately by the practitioner and is 3 hours in total and includes your tuition for yourself and partner. You can click here to use the map to find your closest Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner. You can contact them directly to discuss available class times and booking. 
Alternatively, we do have a wonderful and very comprehensive home-study option available to you. Our Hypnobubs Hypnobirthing Online Course includes very comprehensive video lectures, 5 x long-play mp3 practice tracks, eBook, worksheets and other downloads and support through our private online learning platform. You have access to your training 24/7 through your laptop or mobile device. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the Hypnobubs Online Course.
Some like to complete their refresher between 20-30 weeks and some prefer to do it after 30 weeks – that is completely up to you. One thing is for sure, we find that those parents who attend a refresher really benefit from it.
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