Hypnobubs® Hypnobirthing Value Package

Our Hypnobubs™ Hypnobirthing Value Package (online hypnobirthing course) is perfect for you if you’re aiming for a natural birth but also wish to be very well prepared for a caesarean birth (if required). We recommend starting your online course between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy.

It includes:

It is extremely comprehensive and includes 12 months of access to videos, MP3s, downloads and resources from the Hypnobirthing Australia™ online learning platform. You receive access to the whole course straight away; it is easily accessible on a secure online learning platform via your computer or mobile device, 24/7.

Let’s get started on a positive and empowered birth journey!

* Please refer to the Description below for further details regarding course inclusions.



Our Hypnobubs™ Value Package contains online hypnobirthing courses for natural birth and caesarean birth.  Have peace of mind knowing that you have your hypnobirthing preparation covered either way.


    • 7.5+ hours of comprehensive video sessions with expert hypnobirthing educator Melissa Spilsted including step-by-step tuition and practical exercises (for you and your birth partner) for both the Hypnobubs® Hypnobirthing Online Course PLUS the Change of Circumstances Course (which you can access if you find out that you need a caesarean).
    • 8 x long-play mp3 tracks
      • Affirmations for Beautiful Birthing
      • Surge of the Sea
      • Prompts for Birthing
      • Glove of Endorphins
      • Butterfly Garden
      • Affirmations for Calm & Beautiful Caesarean Birthing
      • Affirmations for Recovery After Caesarean Birthing
      • The Journey – Fear Release
    • 2 x eBooks‘the little book of hypnobirthing’ PLUS ‘the positive cesarean birth’
    • Hypnobirthing PDF Resources & Worksheets
    • Online hypnobirthing support via the learning portal
    • Access to our private members-only ‘parents support’ group on Facebook
    • Peace of mind – knowing that you are covered EITHER way in your preparation for a positive birth experience. Priceless!


The course is secured on an online learning platform, so you can log into the course anytime using any internet-enabled device (phone, tablet, computer, or via the app) and take back up where you left off. You can watch the lessons over again if you like. It’s very flexible!

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You have full access to the Hypnobirthing Australia™ online learning platform for 12 months following your enrolment.

You can save all of the PDFs, eBooks and MP3s to your computer for future access beyond this 12-month period, however, please note that there isn’t a way to save the videos.

We update our courses on a regular basis and provide online support throughout, so that’s why we keep access to 12 months.

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