Your course was absolutely invaluable to my birthing experience – no doubt!!

Bec’s Birth Story

Bskin to skin condition after birthec & Ben 

Baby Jack 

July 2021 



Well I made it to 38 weeks, and had done everything under the sun to get myself in to labour (including hand expressing 50mls colostrum), they had planned to induce me at 37 weeks due to my lupus and blood clotting disorders. I negotiated to 38 weeks based on how healthy Jack and I were. I also had 3 stretch and sweeps and managed to get myself ARM’able on my induction day.  

Negotiated a few hours wait between ARM and Synto – started contracting 4:10 strong and long within 15 mins of ARM.surge breathing Mobilised and used the gas very successfully and got myself from 1cm dilated, 2cm long to 4cm dilated and fully effaced in 5 hours of natural labour. Mobilising the whole time! Ben and mum cheering me on the whole way. I only succumbed to medical intervention when my BP spiked and I became hyper reflexic and my PE bloods were abnormal. (No previous signs of PET). Dr Shin Lee had been personally looking after me the whole pregnancy – advised that I should have an epidural to bring down my BP which it did but also dropped off my contractions, as would be expected!! I also had a very patchy epidural, so used a lot of breathing and meditation techniques from your course to get me through. 

Went from 4cm-fully in another 4 hours. Pushed and head on view within a few pushes – despite a Clonidine cocktail topup where I couldn’t feel a thing from my waist down, apparently pushed like a champ, all your poo pushing practice came through! after an hour of pushing and the same amount of head on view and significant fetal distress they assessed and he was direct OP. Senior Reg advised we would go to theatre for a trial – I was not keen for that. Shin (gold team consultant) came in (on her day off, at 2am in the morning) and did a manual rotation in the room and a forceps delivery. And they fended the Paeds away and Jack stayed on my chest with some rigorous stimulation from mum and my midwife.  

skin to skin condition after birthMakes me cry just thinking about how empowering the whole thing was, Shin delivered his head and then encouraged me to put my hands down and with mum, we helped deliver his shoulders and pulled him up on to my chest. I would literally give birth again tomorrow if I could. Crazy huh!!?  

Thanks for checking in, your course was absolutely invaluable to my birthing experience – no doubt!!  

Bec xxx 


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