Had the most amazing hypnobirth, all-natural, all calm, I beared down like a pro!

Mikala’s Birth Story

all natural hypnobirthI did it!!!

Had the most amazing hypnobirth, all-natural, all calm, I beared down like a pro! My ob was amazed at how composed I was and how effective I was at “pushing”. It felt so easy to me.

The hardest part ended up being that transition stage where I thought how much more intense is this going to get, and then moments later I was bearing down and it was over.

I just flopped every surge and told myself I choose to relax and let go and omg it worked so well. It was only about a 7-hour labour which for first labour is great I believe.

Had a tiny graze barely a tear. One stitch, Had no pain afterwards only some glute pain and tightness.

Psysio at the hospital was amazed how well my uterus was contracting back and that my pelvic floor was great, I could do the exercises easily and no pain and everything felt so normal and in tact – all the midwives keep offering me pain relief and I was like I’m not in any pain! empowering birth experience

Anyway it all went so well so thank you so so so much for empowering me!!

Unfortunately the after care at the hospital really let me know with breastfeeding- completely disempowered me and I was crying every day.

Many of the women in the ward were the same and a lot of their babies were already on formula because their nipples were too sore. I was shocked. To give my nipples a rest they put a pump on me and turned out they put the wrong size on me and it have me two baseline cracks and made everything worse!

Anyway, I persisted and then Got a private lactation consultant come to my home last week and she is amazing thank god.  Anyway, I have such a happy and calm baby and they birth was just amazing. My ob kept saying it was textbook – he couldn’t believe it.

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