Samuel Mandela born 28 May 2012

Hypnobirthing hypnbirth australia gold coast brisbane ipswich logan spring wood natural birth labour pain relief hypnosis childbirth antenatal class course hypnotherapy birthMy birthing process was amazing thanks to Hypnobirthing!  I’m so glad I got the birth I always wanted after being falsely told I needed a general anaesthetic Caesarian last time round.
I felt no fear and in fact was very excited when the first very intense surges began! The words ‘pain’ or ‘pain relief’ never entered my mind during the chilled out 18 hrs in total labour. In fact, I politely instructed a midwife upon arrival when she said the word ‘pain,’ “We do not use that word!”, and no one mentioned it again!
As the CDs suggest, at times I was actually in ecstasy, and at other times it was certainly intense but I had such a positive expectation of Samuel’s birth(which was realised) so the intensity didn’t matter to me. Because of this, I didn’t have to do any of the pain relief scripts. Instead, I just had your Surge of the Sea, relaxing music and the affirmations playing.
Even though the birth took a long time, this did not concern me. I lost sense of time, and stayed in the moment, mindful of the affirmation that my baby will come when he is ready. Cheryl Sheriff my doula was a great help, especially when doctors expressed concern re the length of the delivery. Since Samuel’s heart rate was being monitored, she just said ‘Whats the rush? She’s happy, the baby’s happy’, and so they let me be : )
Funnily enough, my body was not still as the affirmations suggest, but it was relaxed! I went with my instincts and actually danced my way through Samuel’s delivery, going with the wave-like rhythm and flow of birthing and making slow swaying movements. Pictures I have posted of me doing so incurred comments that my birth looked like a 70’s dance party! And funnily enough, Samuel still enjoys a boogie today!
I was also very much in the ‘zone,’ aware only of my partner and best friend who stayed on either side of me throughout my delivery, giving me light massage, offering me water and softly whispering affirmations to me. I only found out afterwards that Samuel was posterior until the very last minute (strange as I felt minimal back discomfort but it might explain the long birth!), when he turned himself around the right way!
The moment Samuel was placed on my body was unforgettable. I remember crying and saying, “I can’t believe I just did that without any pain relief!”
The Hypnobirthing strategies also assisted me to birth my placenta naturally (I sat on a birthing stool with Samuel in my arms!) as well as during the stitching I needed. The doctor was amazed at how calm I was throughout it, saying most women would have been trying to kick her! All medical staff who were present at various times during the birth actually came and thanked me for such a wonderful birthing experience, saying they wished all births were like this. One doctor didn’t want to leave because the room smelt so good!
I thoroughly recommend Hypnobirthing for all expecting mums, including VBAC. What more can I say other than thanks again :)
I have included 2  pics of Samuel Mandela (now 7 1/2 months). Everyone (including strangers) comments on how happy he is and what a charmer he is! He is most definately a hypnobub!
I have also included birth pics- feel free to use any- the first two are during birth, the next is  me birthing the placenta! and the rest are first meetings : )
Vanessa and Kain, Sinnamon Park, Queensland
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