Mya born John Flynn Hospital Gold Coast

Would this really work, especially for a first timer? Could I really have a birth that ends well for me? Is this just for hippies? These are the questions I remember thinking when I first looked into Hypnobirthing. The answers I soon realised were “Yes, it really does work. Yes my birth can end well. No, it isn’t just for hippies, it is for anyone that is willing to put in the time and give it a go!”

I was naturally worried about the birth due to all the traumatic stories most other parents want to tell you when they know you are pregnant. It scared me to death to think that I could also be suffering for many hours with no idea of when it could end.

I researched for a natural birth option. I am so thankful I came across Melissa at Hypnobirthing Australia™ and followed it through. The classes reduced the fear of birthing by providing me with knowledge on what to expect when birthing and scripts and information on how I could achieve the birth I wanted. I developed the confidence to question medical experts when I felt it necessary, and sought out alternative solutions.  My husband had a lot to do with our success. He practiced the scripts and breathing techniques with me regularly and he was extremely supportive through the process and birth. Melissa helped me to remain positive and prepare for the birth and now I have a lovely birth experience to share with a healthy baby.

On the day, I was 4cm dilated at 6.30am and birthed her at 4:38pm. I found the visualization of the balloon during surges really helpful and focusing on the breathing techniques to remain relaxed throughout. I had a water birth which really helped take the pressure off my body when floating in the water. The nurses monitored bub’s heartbeat by a manual monitor that could be used in the water. I can honestly say at no time did it cross my mind that I needed drugs to assist me. At the time of transition, I overheard a discussion with the nurse saying they wanted to take me out of the bath to attach the monitor for a reading on ‘how I was going’. They didn’t realize I was transitioning at that moment so, determined not to get out, I pretended to make some noises while I breathed bub down to convince the nurses not to get me out and perhaps to just check me first in the water. They were surprised to feel her head was right there and ready to come out!

Following the birth, a couple of midwives commented to me afterwards that during the birth the room had such a great energy to it and how relaxed I looked. I was also approached by the midwife teaching antenatal classes who asked me to talk about my experience of Hypnobirthing with her class.

I would highly recommend Melissa’s classes in Hypnobirthing. Melissa is so lovely, positive and supportive and you won’t regret it. I also feel it is important to have great support from your birthing partner and medical provider for this to be successful. I therefore highly recommend Dr Maneesh Singh (my obstetrician) or Dr Ash Hanafy (obstetrician) at John Flynn who are both very supportive of Hypnobirthing and are both extremely professional, experienced and nice people.  I was confident I could relax and do what I needed and that in the event of an emergency, I was confident they would do their job well and get bub out safely. I consulted a few other obstetricians at John Flynn who were ‘old school’ and not supportive of my birth plan to use Hypnobirthing . It resulted in a quick change to Dr Singh at 36weeks!  I know if I had not changed to Dr Singh I would not have been so relaxed and had the birth I had.

Thank you from so much Melissa, Dr Singh, Dr Hanafy for being so professional and supportive.

Carolyn and Shane, Gold Coast

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