Caitin born 16 December 2012

Natural birth, no drugs, no intervention - HypnobirthingWe’re soooooo happy to have this little girl in our life now, she’s so sweet and very precious to us.

I had a beautiful natural birth just like I wanted.
It was perfect!
Caitlin’s heart rate stayed normal all the way to the very end, we didn’t use drugs, and there was no intervention whatsoever.

I had a long labour.
I had the first signs on the 14th around midday, but i kept on doing what I had to do that day
Surges started 12 hours after.
I wasn’t even sure I had surges to be honest. I kind of guessed I was going to give birth but I wasn’t sure.

I stayed relaxed, had showers, Neil did light touch massage (a wonderful thing).
For the light touch massage, it was great, I started labour by myself, I didn’t wake up Neil. My lower back was in a bit of pain. As soon as he woke up and I had the massage, the pain disappeared and I never had it all the way to the birth as I was having this massage. It is such a wonderful, powerful tool to have with you at birth.

We arrived at the hospital around 2 o’clock on the 15th.
Unfortunately, we were in a waiting room until 9pm.
Too bad because, I learnt it after the birth, I was 9cm dilated when I arrived.
I felt I was ready to “pop out” but being in this uncomfortable environment made me lose it really.

I was in a birthing suite around 9pm and Caitlin was born at 12.10am on december 16th.
I had one change of shift at 9 o’clock and the midwife stept in a bit, made me change position (toilet, on my knees) so I would get the most of gravity and wouldn’t get tired.
I gave birth in the worst position for hypnobirth, on my back, but I couldn’t have done it in another position, I was so tired.
On top of that, I pushed my baby out. She was out in 2 push only. Unfortunately, I had a tear.
I couldn’t wait for her to come out naturally like I saw on the videos.
In spite of all that, I had a wonderful birth.

All I felt during the labour was my lower abdomen at every surge. I felt like I was in the ocean for so many hours it was great!
I listened to cds, affirmations (yours and marie Mongan’s). i had yours constantly at one stage, it was easier probably because i have already seen you in person, as if the help is more “real” that way.

Neil was a great, incredible, wonderful support all through the labour and birth.
He was impressed by me and my resistance as well.
The midwives were impressed by my calm but by him as well.
The following day, a midwife came to my room and told me we were the talk of the midwifery today.

With Neil we thought we didn’t do so great, regarding Hypnobirthing, because of the videos we watched.
But the midwives were impressed, kept telling us it was amazing.
That it was very different to the births they see.
The one who had to leave at 9 was disgusted she had finished her shift, she wanted to be here all the way to the end.
I think the love and support from Neil, and this love triangle that happens at birth (Neil helping me to relax, being really there for me and I send it all to the baby) really makes it a great, unique experience.
The birth of our Caitlin!
She came out all quiet, didn’t cry.
Neil received her by the way, I was so tired, I didn’t even want to move to receive her.

I had 3 home visits by midwives and they each had questions to ask about the birth, how I felt then, now…
I think it made a big positive impact on them, how prepared we were, how we were in control and accepting of what was happening, no screams, no panic, a lot of love from Neil all the way to the end although he was exhausted himself, he stayed focus on me and being there with me.

I can easily say I could give birth again and again and again with confidence, no fear or apprehension AT ALL.
It is a big effort on the body, I am aware of it, but patience, calm, being sure it will happen the way we want, that it’s natural and that there’s nothing to be scared of, also knowing exactly what the body does are valuable tools.
And there is absolutely no mystery, all those hours of practise are the key to our successful birth.

Voila, Melissa, the story of our beautiful birth, so sacred to us now.

Nathalie and Neil, Shorncliffe, Brisbane


Natural birth, no drugs, no intervention - Hypnobirthing

Natural birth, no drugs, no intervention - Hypnobirthing

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