Hypnobirthing helped me stay positive and focused

I attended your course and wanted to let you know that I had my baby boy Alfie at 41+3.

I had a very quick active labour and pushing – a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes.

I employed hypnobirthing techniques at the start until transition (dim lights, fake candles, aromatherapy, bouncing on the ball, playing hypnobirthing tracts – rainbow mist, bubble of comfort… – reading affirmation cards, positive talking & thinking).

At transition I focussed only on my breathing and the fact that I ‘could do it!’ – and did it, without requesting any drugs, which was my goal (I did however had to get induced but opted for the balloon catheter as I didn’t want the syntocin drug).

Baby Alfie in mums arms

Alfie was also mostly posterior so I felt the surges in my back and in my front, and Ben was there to help me through. Shows the importance of team work, wouldn’t have been able to do it without him squeezing my back at each surge, and encouraging me to breathe and speaking positive words to me!

The afterbirth wasn’t what we wanted, as I had to go into surgery due to a heavy bleed, but the actual birth was an amazing and intense experience. I prepared throughout pregnancy, using the techniques you taught me, and went into labour positive and with the right frame of mind.

I wanted to thank you for your course, as it helped me to keep positive and focus on my breathing the entire time. Without the breathing training that I practice during pregnancy (that you taught me), I wouldn’t have made it!

Thanks again,


Laura and Ben

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