Hypnobirthing helped me get through having a pre-term baby

A very quick update on our situation. Unfortunately, I developed pre-eclampsia and gave birth to our little girl Neve at 32 weeks gestation. To say we weren’t prepared for this is an understatement. It felt like a dream. I never expected an emergency c section and was so disappointed that I will never have my dream home water birth BUT, and there is a huge but here…

Out of the blue, this became the healing birth that I so needed. For a couple of reasons. I desperately wanted to avoid the hospital setting since having our twins. Even though they were born naturally, I was traumatised by my experience. I found their birth out of all my births the most traumatic all because of the way I was treated by the medical staff. Not the procedure that brought our babies into the world – they were born naturally. While many twin mums may think I am being unreasonable, even though they were born naturally, the staff treatment is what made all the difference.

This time around, due to the urgency of potentially losing our baby due to her abnormally small size, I was flown to Mercy Hospital in Melbourne and within 24hours I was whisked away with no warning for Gerry to be able to make the 3.5hr drive. He arrived 3 hours after her birth.

Stacey holding her baby after a caesarean birth

While I was in the operating theatre on my own I felt scared and anxious and if there was ever a time that I needed support it was then. But also, if there was ever a better time to utilise the skills of hypnobirthing this was it.  I visualised the stairs from the Glove of Endorphins Track and every step down I felt even more relaxed and went ‘deeper’. Honestly, I had no control over anything else, I didn’t have Gerry there to distract me or calm me down, only my state of mind and how relaxed I could be. I so desperately wanted our little girl to feel calm about what was happening and I truly believe the hypnobirthing is what got me through the birth and really helped me focus my energy, relax my body and take in the whole experience. I listened to these tracks every night before bed and I really nailed it.

I thought I’d be distraught and so disappointed after my c-section, but I feel empowered and really more than OK with how it all turned out. It was necessary and here we are now with a little girl who will hopefully be home in a month. Fighting fit and I am so content with how the birth went.

The positive experience I’ve had with the medical teams and staff here really made all the difference too. They made me feel heard, empowered and that I played a role in the decisions and choices surrounding the birth. Even though they were limited. Then using the skills of hypnobirthing – my goodness!

Stacey having skin to skin with her premature baby girl

Honestly had you asked me a few months ago about hypnobirthing for a c-section I would have said what’s the point of that?

I related hypnobirthing to labour very differently – probably to assist with the physical symptoms and mind, but gosh how much I learnt from my experience. I’m probably not making much sense here as I have to run and wanted to send this off, but I am a huge advocate for hypnobirthing for a c-section! HUGE! It really saved me at a time when I felt so overwhelmed and a little bit lonely. I just dug deep, knew I could do it on my own and I needed to be the calm for our daughter. Given me those 40 stairs any day!

So thank you Melissa, for your words of encouragement, helping me focus on the positives and develop the wonderful, life-changing hypnobirthing skills. It really was a beautiful, healing birth, even though it was as clinical as they get!



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