Our experience was the most wonderful & positive birth.

My partner and I attended your Hypnobirthing class in November last year. I just wanted to let you know that we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world on 13.03.2020.

I just wanted to share a little bit of our birth story as thanks to your hypnobirthing course and incredible resources, we were able to experience the most wonderful, positive birth.

My membranes released on the Thursday evening when I was 40weeks + 6days…unfortunately our little bub had pooped in the fluid which meant I did need to be induced (and therefore unable to have a proper water birth as initially preferred), however, we were completely calm throughout all of this and were totally ok with the change of direction. Despite the induction, my body caught up very quickly and took control (I trusted that my body could do what it was designed to do!), so they actually ended up turning off the drip completely for the majority of the labour. The midwives seemed very impressed!

Throughout the labour, we had your birthing affirmations track and tranquil chambers music playing…these were exactly what I needed to get through. I am so thankful we learnt about the impact of the room’s atmosphere…using little fairy lights and affirmation posters we were able to create a beautiful, calm and safe space. It was great that my partner was able to use the acupressure techniques and soft touch that we’d learnt as well as positive affirmations to support me throughout my surges. Despite being unable to get in the bath, I found that the shower a perfect space to labour. Our midwife was very supportive of our choices and just let us do our thing without stepping in unnecessarily…she said she’d never had labour where she had to do so little! We had it totally under control!

After just under 4 hours of active labour (and no pain relief) we welcomed our little Myla Grace into the world (in the early hours of the morning at 41 weeks exactly)…I was able to receive our baby in my arms and we were able to do the delayed cord clamping and uninterrupted bonding time. The midwives and doctors were all amazed at the ‘ease’ of our birth (especially since it was birth number 1) and loved the calm environment we’d created.

It’s so strange looking back now as I cant believe we are actually here with our little girl, but I truly loved the birthing experience and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

Thank you so much for providing us with the skills and knowledge to attain such a positive birth experience. Even during my breastfeeding journey now I’ve been using the breastfeeding/bonding track which has helped wonders. Not to mention little Myla settles great when we play any of your hypnobirthing tracks!! So thank you again!

We look forward to using these skills throughout our journey and when the time eventually comes to expand our family again we can wait to welcome another little hypnobub!

I also wanted to share with you some of the funny parts to our story that make the whole experience that much better…I forgot to write about this in my first email but still wanted to share with you just for fun:

– I’d been listening to your ‘Baby Come Out’ track the same day my membranes released!

– We’d actually seen our OB an hour before my membranes released for a routine appointment…after leaving the appointment we felt like we still had a long time to wait before bub would decide to join us!

– When they did release we were actually in a fancy restaurant (across the road from the hospital since we’d just been there for our appointment!). However we were very naughty and our hospital bags were not in the car (whoops!)…they were packed, though they were just sitting at home with our checklists! Luckily Mirha had everything under control (functioning as the Neocortex!) and arranged back up quickly!

– Our appointment with the OB was on the Thursday and she was going to be interstate from Friday morning until late Saturday…so when my membranes released after the appointment we were initially slightly worried that she would end up missing the birth since we knew she had to be at the airport by 6.30am Friday morning! Despite this we accepted the path our birthing journey was taking us and just went with it!

– Towards the end of labour the midwives contacted our OB to let her know I was entering the last phase…I was already bearing down on my own. This was about 5.15am. Despite the fact our OB had to be at the airport by 6.30am she still came to the hospital (amazing right!). She arrived just before 5.30am and had an alarm set for 6am as that’s when she knew she had to leave in order to make her flight! I continued to breathe our baby down (focused and in the zone, unaware of anything else going on) and everyone remained calm and supportive. Little Myla was born at 5.52am with 8minutes to spare!! Everything turned out so perfectly in the end!

Thank you so much again.

Kirra and Mia

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