Hypnobirthing Breathing Techniques

387533_10150386899927149_360037147148_8634676_152011352_n-300x240The Breathing Techniques that we use in hypnobirthing are often cited as some of the most important tools that mothers use during their labour. Here is a little run-down of how to use the breathing through surges and birth.

It is very important that you relax yourself completely before you practice the breathing. Be aware of facial and body relaxation. Perhaps use one of the instant deepening techniques (the bubble or body scan are good ones) to get you into the zone first.

Remember too, always rest your tongue behind your front upper teeth (where your palate and teeth meet). This ensures that you are holding no tension in the jaw region. Tension in the jaw equals tension in the pelvis.

For the Surge Breathing, imagine that you are filling an inner balloon as you slowly draw the breath up (inhaling gently through your nose) as long as you can go and then breathe out (again through your nose) directing the energy of the breath down. You can imagine that the balloon is gently deflating. Another great visualisation that can be used in conjunction with this breath and your surges, is to imagine yourself being lifted up over a gentle wave, reaching the peak, and then gently coming down the other side (our world famous Surge of the Sea album is a good one to help with this visualisation).

For the Breathing/Bearing Down (also called Birth Breathing / J Breathing by some other styles of hypnobirthing); again it is in and out through the nose, but it is a quicker breath in and then a longer breath out, directing the breath down and out. You will feel the breath resonating at the back of your nose as you are breathing out. It may also feel like the muscles in your stomach are working as you breathe out. That is ok. Practice it on the toilet as you are doing a poo. :)

For more information about these and other Hypnobirthing techniques for a more comfortable and relaxed birth, please contact your closest Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner or join our home study Hypnobubs Hypnobirthing Online Course.

And if you’d like a free hypnobirthing MP3 and further video tuition on the breathing CLICK HERE.

Melissa x

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