Zaria, Born 27 March 2015

Hi Melissa, How are you?

Sorry I have been meaning to message you for a while now but I’m so distracted by my gorgeous baby I keep forgetting 😛

I just wanted to thank you for helping me have such an amazing birth, I welcomed my daughter on the 27/03 2 days before her due date. Surges started when I was in bed but I took your advice and went back to sleep knowing I would need my energy, my alarm went off at 4am and I got up for the day and I was so excited knowing my baby was on her way (Surges were 15mins apart), I didn’t tell my partner just yet but by 6 am my surges were 7mins apart so I had to tell my partner to ring in and tell the training centre he wasn’t making it today.

We called my sister and parents and started getting everything ready for the hospital. By 10 am my surges were 4mins apart and we rang the hospital but we were told not to come in yet as it is my first and I still had a long time to go and the fact that I was talking to her meant I wasn’t ready to give birth, by 10.30 surges were 3.5mins so we rang again and was told I was still not ready to come in, 10 mins later it changed and I started grunting weird noises like a cow haha and i remembered you talking about this and so did my sister, I knew my baby was on her way, we rang again and they still said I wasn’t ready but I said I’m coming anyway (20 min drive away) so we got ready and left with my birth plan, oils, candles, snacks and hypnobirth soundtrack all ready for a water birth.

On the way there my waters broke. Got to the hospital, checked in and was put in the hall to wait before they finally realised that I was right and my baby was in fact on her way, I got taken into the room and baby was crowning, I had my beautiful baby girl Zaria in my arms 20 minutes after checking in at the hospital at 11.38am so I didn’t get a chance to have a bath or listen to the hypnobirthing tracks but I used the breathing techniques and bearing down techniques which I practised daily leading up to the birth.

I said to my sister, I don’t know if I hypnobirthed and she said oh yeah you definitely did, I didn’t shed a tear, I didn’t yell or scream but I think the main thing for me was that I didn’t once doubt myself or my ability to birth my baby.

My sister has no kids yet and has always hated the thought of giving birth as she manages a childcare centre and is always hearing horror stories but after being there with me through my labour and birth she said she is actually excited and can’t wait to be able to have the same awesome experience and she is coming to see you once she falls pregnant 😀

Thank you so much Melissa, for giving me the knowledge and confidence to have such an awesome birth.

Ayla x

Ayla & Francis

Robina, Gold Coast (QLD)

Hypnobirthing Australia, Hypnobirthing, Hypnobirth

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