You asked for it! Our NEW RELEASE Sapphire Sea for general relaxation

Sapphire Sea Guided MeditationOver the years, many mums have asked us for a general relaxation album that is unrelated to birth. A track focused on relaxation, confidence and empowerment with the same soothing voice and music that guided them through a positive pregnancy and birth.

When we are pregnant, we enjoy taking that ‘time out’ on a regular basis to nurture a positive mindset… but after having our baby we become SOooooo busy; that relaxation and mindfulness can take a back seat to all the other important demands in our life!

However, we also know, deep in our hearts, that the mindfulness that served us so well through pregnancy and birth (some of the most emotionally and physically intense times in our lives) – can serve us equally as well through our whole life.

So that is why Melissa Spilsted (the voice of Surge of the Sea) is proud to release this general relaxation track – Sapphire Sea: Guided Meditation. You can listen to a sample of it here…

Relax to the sounds of the Australian rainforest and ocean as you look out over a beautiful Sapphire Sea – and completely let go…

This album incorporates the techniques of relaxation, breathing, visualisation and meditation to assist you to release tension, clear your mind and allow yourself to fully relax.

Note from Melissa:

Melissa SpilstedI have been working on this album for many years; the Sapphire Sea: Guided Meditation has been constantly evolving in my mind. I intuitively set the meditation at one of my own favourite places in nature; a local headland (Burleigh Heads in Queensland, Australia) which overlooks a beautiful sapphire coloured sea.

I find that my deepest level of relaxation is often reached when I am surrounded by nature. The ocean, in particular, brings me much comfort. I wanted to create a meditation so that we can all visit this beautiful place on a regular basis, using our minds.

I hope that you enjoy the feelings of freedom and peace that the Sapphire Sea can bring. A lot of love and thought went into the creation of this album; and I feel very honoured to be sharing it with you.

In this long-play guided relaxation track, you will find yourself walking through a beautiful Australian nature reserve which leads to a lookout that overlooks the view of a Sapphire Sea.

Throughout the meditation are reminders of self-worth, confidence, gratitude and acceptance. It is calming, positive and gentle – perfect for general relaxation.

You can play your album during an ‘unplugged’ time of your day, or at night as you drift off to sleep (also don’t forget that we also have a special track for sleep called Sleep Deeply); in fact, this track is created for any time in your life when you can completely relax (so please do not listen to this track when driving or completing a task that requires an alert state).

As you follow this meditation and your mind wanders through nature; allow yourself to truly feel the connection with your inner self.

For a limited time, Sapphire Sea: Guided Meditation is available at the discounted price of $9.99 through this website (it is priced at $16.99 on iTunes).

Click here to purchase your download of Sapphire Sea: Guided Meditation and enjoy some special time-out – for YOU!

Melissa x

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