Uplifting and healing birth – hypnobirth of Sophie

I never could have imagined just how amazing giving birth could be until the birth of my third child. It was a truly healing and empowering birth and was everything and more than what I had hoped for.

I thought my first hypno birth was wonderful and hoped to experience something similar. After a stillbirth of my second child I wished for a really uplifting and healing birth of my third child, I never expected it to be so amazing!
I threw myself into hypnobirthing, completing the practitioner course during my pregnancy and practicing everyday. I listened to the affirmations track whilst working at home, cooking and playing with my eldest son. It became the soundtrack to my life! I listened to the scripts at night and although I fell asleep every time I believed it helped me sleep soundly the whole way through the pregnancy!
The day I went into labour I woke and shortly afterwards I was having some tightening however didn’t think much of it as I’d had so many episodes in the weeks prior. Within half an hour they were a bit more intense and I thought that things must be “happening”! I called my husband to come home from work and then my midwife to let her know. I decided to have a bath and that’s when I really focused on what I was feeling and realised they were already 6mins apart.
Hubby got home from work and we got straight in the car to go to hospital, by the time I got to hospital 30mins later I was 2-3 mins apart and was thinking things will start to ramp up soon. I was feeling so comfortable through my surges going into my zone and just letting go and trusting my body.
Twenty minutes after arriving at hospital I felt the urge to bear down, I couldn’t quite believe I was at this point already!! I was quite comfortable the whole time and kept thinking what a lovely experience this has been so far. It was at this point I also realised that although my son’s birth was a positive experience, I didn’t truly surrender myself to the process and trust my body. This labour​ was so different. 10 mins later our gorgeous Sophie was born. I have never felt such relief and calm, albeit a little astonished that only 2 hours earlier I was making breakfast for my son wondering when I would go into labour!
My husband was shocked and amazed. He said afterwards he thought he may have had to receive our daughter on the side of the road, things progressed so quickly. ​He was a little disappointed he didn’t get to use his hypnobirthing tools, it all happened so quickly and calmly!
Thank you Melissa for your guidance. I look forward to helping others achieve a positive birth experience through hypnobirthing.
Birth really can be an incredibly empowering experience!
Lorrae Griffiths
Hypnobirthing Australia star mum, (soon to be) Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner and Osteopath.
Mount Waverly, Victoria
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