“These techniques really work ladies!!” – Hypnomum Amanda

Hi all,
I just wanted to share my positive birth story.
I am a new mum and started the online course pretty late in the game at 37 weeks! I absolutely LOVED it and found I was looking forward to watching a new video every evening.
I finished the course and felt really great about my impending birth.
At 39.4 weeks I went into labour at 1 amNewborn baby in bassinette, I was so relaxed about it, I didn’t even wake my husband until about 2 am when I needed a heat pack. We stayed in bed counting surges, whilst I slept in between each one! I managed to stay home until 10 am before heading to the hospital.
On my arrival, the midwives saw how relaxed I was and opted not to give me an internal examination as they knew I really wanted a natural birth and they thought I was going to labour for a long time. Just over an hour after my arrival, I asked for some food and through a mouthful of sandwich told my midwife I could feel something… she advised me I was fully dilated and about to have my baby. She took the sandwich out of my hand and I gave birth standing up in the bathroom! Not only had my baby moved into the correct position (she was posterior), but she was born en caul (in her fully intact amniotic sac).
These techniques really work ladies, when I reminded myself to relax, breath down and open down below during surges, it really changed the flow and made it a really positive and empowering experience. I could feel my cervix opening with every surge and it was great because I understood everything that was happening… next time I’ll tell someone sooner though as I missed out on having my waterbirth as they couldn’t fill the tub in time lol 
Introducing my beautiful baby girl, Kamilla

A huge thank you to you Melissa Spilsted, for showing me that it’s possible to have a wonderful and positive birthing experience, I am forever grateful xx

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