“Hypnobirthing has given us an extremely valuable gift”

Older brother holding his new baby sister

I’d like to share that my little hypnobub, Lucia arrived yesterday afternoon after an active labour of 2.5 hours.
These hours were spent in the birthing suite bathtub, correctly breathing and visualising. I managed to keep calm and confident and trust that my body knew what do to. My husband’s support and coaching were integral to my success. We worked as a perfect team thanks to following and engaging in the course together. My midwife commented later that my breathing changed as I started to bear down in the tub, otherwise, she would not have guessed that I was fully dilated. My obstetrician only arrived as my daughter was leaving the birth canal, as I was so calm and peaceful no one thought to call him in earlier to check my progress.
Thank you Melissa Spilsted for giving us the tools to achieve this magical birthing experience. My last labour left me in such a state of trauma that I never thought I would be able to have a second child. You have given us an extremely valuable gift in not only building our confidence but changing our mindset on birthing.
Sarah – hypnobubs online course

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