The techniques my husband and I learnt were instrumental in keeping us calm

Georgina’s Birth Story

The techniques my husband and I learnt  were instrumental in keeping us calm Our home birth was unplanned but very welcomed.

The techniques my husband and I learnt through Hypnobirthing and my midwives prior to the birth were instrumental in keeping us calm in what could have been a really stressful situation.

Since my first child’s birth was induced at 42 weeks, I thought I would have a similar length pregnancy again. The night before my second child’s birth I was feeling comfortable – there was no signs baby was coming so soon. However, early the next morning, the tightenings I’d had for weeks intensified and starting to get really uncomfortable. I quietly and calmly practiced my breathing to get through them.

I got up that morning certain that baby wouldn’t come until at least that evening and I had hours ahead of me. Not wanting to stress out the family unnecessarily I spent a few hours with a heat pack on the couch.

After my mum took my son out at 10am I eventually accepted that things were progressing and called my midwife. By that stage the cramping was unrelenting so it was difficult to time contractions. Since my birth preference was to stay at home as long as possible it was agreed that we’d give it more time. Immediately after that phone call, things escalated further.

Sitting on the toilet became the only bearable position and when my mucus plug came out, my husband starting packing the car. As he printed his cheat sheet with tools and positive birth affirmations, my waters broke and I suddenly felt the urge to bear down. We knew it was too late to go anywhere and called 000. accidentally home birth

I instantly felt at peace. The hypnobirthing line must have been running through my subconscious “I will calmly accept whatever path this birth takes”.

Despite feeling perfectly safe and calm it was a relief for my husband that paramedics arrived within minutes. Against their well intentioned instructions and advice, I got into a position that was comfortable for me, pushed when it felt right and didn’t accept pain relief. After a few minutes, our perfectly healthy daughter arrived.

She was straight onto my chest and fed instantly (she’s been a great feeder ever since!). When I was ready, we hopped in an ambulance where I birthed the placenta and we both got checked.

I credit our beautiful fourth trimester to the calm, positive birth experience. It was so healing for our family after quite a stressful experience with my son.
I feel so fortunate to have had the tools that informed and empowered me.

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