I got my natural birth I always wanted thanks to hypnobirthing and the amazing online classes.

Nikkita’s Birth Story

I got my natural birth I always wanted thanks to hypnobirthing and the amazing online classes.I woke up on the 24th of April,2022 at 41 weeks pregnant around 6am feeling quite ill with a lot of back pain. I went to the toilet and sat down as that helped the pain a little in my back, I went back to bed and woke up again at around 11am with severe back contractions so bad I couldn’t move at time’s. I was in and out of the shower till around 5:30pm when I went to the hospital, I was being monitored for around 2 hours as they couldn’t see my contractions on the CTG (due to it being all in my back).

After not having a positive experience with the first midwife a second midwife come in and did a cervical check, I was 6cm dilated so off to the birthing suite as soon as I got there I went straight into the shower as that helped with my pain as I wanted a natural birth. I was hocked up again to the CTG at 9pm and babies heart rate was quite low and would lower more with contractions, they kept a close eye on me till the doctor came in at 12am, she said that I may need an emergency c-section if bubs heart rate hadn’t improved.

She came in half an hour later and baby’s heart rate was good enough for me to continue labouring naturally, at 1:30 am I left the need to push and my body was just

natural hypnobirth

pushing. The midwives got me up on the bed and 10 minutes of pushing later our beautiful baby girl was born, I got my natural birth I always wanted thanks tohypnobirthing and the amazing online classes.


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