Techniques for turning a breech or posterior baby

Not all babies march to the same beat! There is much talk about positioning of babies these days – and it can put mothers under a lot of undue stress. We must remember that in previous generations, mothers didn’t even know what position their baby was in until the birth

Most babies do actually turn into what is considered to be the ‘optimal position for birthing’ before their birthing day. However, sometimes the baby is born facing forward (posterior) or in a bottom-first or feet-first position (breech). This is often referred to as a ‘variation of normal’.

Some babies do not turn until close to birth, some turn during birth and some never turn and are born facing forward, feet or bottom first.

The most important thing to remember is ‘not to worry’. There are many non-invasive ways that babies can be encouraged to turn around, and worrying is counter-productive. Besides this, there may be a good reason for your baby choosing to stay in a particular position.

Some of the medical procedures associated with turning breech babies, like external cephalic version (ECV) can involve risk to your baby, so it is important to be informed and aware of all of your options.

Vaginal breech delivery is becoming more available as an choice to mothers – however you really need to do your homework to find someone who will support you, as numbers of those obstetricians and midwives choosing to attend vaginal breech birth are still low. The number of doctors and midwives who have practical training and skills in vaginal breech delivery, has dropped significantly in recent decades – with the increase in caesarean delivery for breech.

Your instincts are sure to guide you in making the right decision for yourself and your baby.

Hypnosis for Positioning

Breech Turn_MP3 Cover_WEBHypnosis is a very powerful tool that can used to encourage baby to turn to the optimum position for birth.

You may like to download our Breech Turn track (which is suitable for both breech and posterior). A hypnosis session can assist you to completely relax and let go of any underlying concerns or fears leading up to the birth.

Continue to listen to your Affirmations and other tracks  (Surge of the Sea album). Visualise your baby turning in a pool of water, turning into the vertex position each time you take a deep breath.

If you have completed a hypnobirthing course – contact your practitioner  for more support.

Exercises for Optimum Positioning

Display a picture or visualisation of your baby in the Optimal Position for Birthing somewhere prominently. Focus on this visualisation daily and talk to your baby. Remember to keep your abdominal area completely free of tension. When you feel your baby move, allow your body to completely relax, so that the baby has plenty of room to make the position change.breech posterior baby turning tips techniques

There is lots of great information on the www.spinningbabies.com website – including details about techniques such as the breech tilt, positioning, handstands in the pool, music, light, ice and warmth etc.

It is important to allow your whole abdomen area to completely let go. Often mothers hold their abdominal muscles tightly around the baby, and it isn’t until they put their awareness to completely relaxing that area, that they realise they have been holding the baby in a particular position.

Sit forward as much as possible and start getting into the Polar Bear Position for periods of time each day. The Polar Bear is a position that promotes optimum positioning for breech babies and posterior babies. It is basically an exaggerated knee-chest position, with the knees as wide apart as possible, and the head and arms resting on the floor.

Holistic Methods

Moxibustion – Moxibustion is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that involves burning a moxa (mugwort) stick near a certain point on the small toe of the foot (bladder 67). This can also be used in conjunction with acupuncture.

Acupuncture – Acupuncture involves the use of disposable needles. An acupuncturist will insert them just into the skin to release qi, prevent it from being blocked or help it move. This release is said to help baby to move into an optimal position for birth.

Chiropractic Care – The Webster Technique

This technique is used to help the pelvis open and the ligaments soften, allowing the baby enough room to assume a good position in the pelvis.

Whatever the outcome – I am of the personal belief that babies always know the safest route out. If you have done everything in your power to encourage little one to move into the optimal position for birthing and they choose to remain in the breech or posterior position – perhaps there is a good reason for this.

So, if your baby is currently in this position; stay positive, keep talking to your baby, be proactive (hypnosis, positioning and other holistic methods) and then… allow, surrender, release. 😉

Melissa x


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