Taj Ryan born 5 March 2013

My birth went really well.
I went into labour 7 days before my due date however it took 60 hours of 1st stage followed by a quick 4 hour (water) birth!!
I had surges between 4 and 10 mins apart the whole 60 hrs. I’m so glad I had my hypnobirthing tools to help my cope.
I was still only 4cm after 60hrs and ended up having my waters broken and then it was all on!!
My midwife was so happy that we didn’t end up starting a follow on of intervention, so was I but I had also come to terms that it might be what was needed too.
I stood under the shower breathing and then hopped into the water bath for the last 2 hours I had started pushing without meaning too just had so much pressure but I was only 7cm so to help me relax as I was also getting a bit tired I used the gas for the last hour.
My midwife had a listen to bubs heart beat and it had dropped just as he was crowning. So I had to stand in the bath and birth my baby!
Didn’t have time to get out Taj Ryan was born 15 mins later with me standing in the bath!
Gerren was amazing, right the way through the whole labour from feeding me cut up pieces of banana to holding juice boxes for me to sip all night/s. We even had a system worked out in the water bath were I would tap my finger on his leg that I was holding on to and once was to pass me some water and 2 taps was for the gas. Its amazing how in-tune we became without preplanning any of it.Kate and Gerren, Brisbane/Gold Coast

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