The whole session was very empowering and made me confident with being aware of the choices 

Sandhya’s Birth Story

Thank you are not enough to express the gratitude to you both. Choosing a session with Claire was probably the best decision I made. Here is what I have tried best to describe my story.

I had a very traumatic first birth experience. With the reason to induce was availability of room, to being tied in bed for 20 hours labour as walking was not allowed, to having an episiotomy and a tear and no energy to push so a venthouse baby, the stitches took me 4 months to heal! And not to mention the dailation numbers .  Knowing then did no good!

Coming to present when I got pregnant I was very anxious about the birth experience again this time with no one to help with covid and stuff! When I went through the Westmead private hospital website it does mention about Hypno birthing and I decided to give it a read.

The idea

aligned to what I wanted to have this time so I emailed Claire and started the sessions.

The whole session was very empowering and made me confident with being aware of the choices

Things were smooth, I would listen to your tracks every night without fail. Practice everything from folio. Rehearse birth all of it.

At 35 weeks I had a freaking accident where my tendons got sliced on the right hand which is my dominant hand, and I had to undergo a surgery immediately to stitch them back up with a healing period of 12 weeks.

Trust me, this incident was at such a horrible timing but I was very calm. All I knew was me and my husband can manage it. We went through the entire surgery recovery without painkillers and all of it on a very positive tone.

I spoke to my gynec and told her I can have a natural birth despite not being able to use the hand at all and my doctor was all in for it.

At 37 weeks 3 days I finished my office work and went on maternity leave hoping for some time to unwind and relax. But my bub had other plans!

At 37 weeks 4 days I had Braxton Hicks for the entire day and towards the evening I knew I was having surges

It started becoming a bit intense at around 10 in the night. All I did was let my hubby sleep and watched Netflix! At around 3 I was timing 1 minute each 10 minutes apart. So we left home to hospital dropping off my toddler in a relatives place .

I let my midwife know that I would not like to know my dailation but would want my husband to be aware of my progress

The midwife were very amazing and respected what I asked for. I was 4 cm when I reached hospital. Got to know it later ?

The surges were getting a bit intense and I knew I needed the tracks to get me to the zone.

Doctor wanted to break the waters and I was alright with it. I was at 6-7 cms by then.

I was calmly listening and breathing through each surge.

And then I have no clue for the next 4 hours what happened who came to room or anything. I was completely in my bubble.

After 4 hours the I was at 7 cm and I was not progressing .

Doctor suggested that I be induced a bit , very mildly so that it will progress.

I was reluctant a bit but we had decided that incase of any halt in pregnancy I will be induced and we decided to go ahead.

In next 30 min I felt the urge to push and with no episiotomy the baby was born . I had a small tear but that was all it !


The session helped me try different posture in bed and It helped a ton.

To add I had cold and blocked nose so I couldn’t breathe through nose but I followed the same through mouth. All the practising helped and my mind space is so good post delivery too!!

Thank you team for this wonderful course and helping! I have been raving about it to my pregnant friends!

Attached pic of happy us! And me breastfeeding at first hour with a splint :-D.

I might not have entirely written or expressed in writing how wonderful the experience of birth was.


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