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Contrary to what some people believe; you do have options and your choices can have a huge effect on your mindset, mother’s comfort and your baby’s introduction to the world. Our world-first Positive Caesarean Birth Course helps you to build the knowledge, tools, support team and mindset to help you to achieve a very calm and positive cesarean birth experience. One that you’ll ALWAYS want to remember!

Attend a face-to-face 4-hour class with a certified Hypnobirthing Australia ‘Positive Caesarean Practitioner’ and you will have the personal support that you deserve. If you cannot attend private sessions, then we also have some great online options available.

What is the positive caesarean birth?

Sometimes, a caesarean birth is the safest and best way to birth your baby, due to special circumstances. It is our belief that – babies know the safest route out. Aren’t we fortunate to have the opportunity to prepare for our birth, and to make our preferences known?

We at Hypnobirthing Australia™ are passionate about positive birthing. A positive pregnancy and birth will set you up well for parenthood, and set your baby up well for life!

We are the pioneers in creating this special program which prepares parents for a positive and empowering caesarean birth, using hypnobirthing techniques.

Through a combination of knowledge, tools, support and preparation; this course can help you to prepare for a positive and empowering birth – regardless of how your baby comes into the world.

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ ‘Positive Caesarean Birth’ course is the childbirth education program with a difference. We are down-to-earth, up-to-date, easy to follow and pride ourselves on providing you with evidence-based tools, techniques and information. We want you to have a beautiful, calm and positive birthing experience; it is your birthright!

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What do we cover in ‘The Positive Caesarean Birth’ course?

In your classes, you will learn how to prepare yourself for a very positive and empowered birth experience by focusing on these four key areas…

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Research shows that hypnosis, music and other relaxation techniques can have a very positive effect on the mother physiologically as well as emotionally. Anecdotal evidence also shows that mothers who approach their cesarean birth feeling positive, prepared and well supported; have more positive outcomes.

It is important that you feel a degree of control over the circumstances of your birth. If you feel disempowered, this can have physiological effects on you and your mind. In addition to this, decisions made during the birth, can have a lifelong effects on the longterm health and wellbeing of both you and your precious baby.

During  classes, you will build knowledge about the latest research in regards to caesarean birth. You do have the ability to negotiate certain birth preferences such: a calm atmosphere for birthing, ‘walking’ the baby out (‘natural’ or ‘gentle’ or ‘family friendly’ caesarean), having the drapes lowered at the time of birthing, delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin contact, the opportunity to cultivate your baby’s microbiome with your bacteria (known as ‘seeding’). These and other preferences may be negotiated with supportive caregivers, dependant on your individual circumstances. We’ll discuss all this in detail at the course. 

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Hypnobirthing Australia™ ‘Positive Caesarean Birth’ classes will provide you with the tools, knowledge, support and a method of preparation to help you achieve a very calm and empowered birth!

It is to your advantage to be well prepared and empowered to make good decisions regarding the birth process. Conditioning both your mind and body, so that both are in optimal form for birth, requires repetition and dedication.

Birth is the end result of a very complex process: you’ve done most of the hard work involved in creating a new life—months of growing limbs, organs, eyes, even hair follicles. Actual birth is ‘the icing on the cake’. Birth is a miracle and can be transformational, and you are entitled to have a beautiful, calm birth experience as you meet your precious baby for the first time – it is your birth-right!

When you are armed with knowledge, good support, tools and preparation – you can have a more positive and empowering birthing experience, whether your baby is born vaginally or via caesarean.

It is our dear wish that all parents have the opportunity to experience just how beautiful and transformational the birth of their baby can be; making it an experience they will never want to forget!

Caesarean Birth Relaxation Tool

Let’s face it – a caesarean section is major abdominal surgery. It is very natural for you to feel fear or anxiety leading up to the birth with these circumstances. However, we will teach you relaxation tools that you can utilise to reduce your stress levels; and this can absolutely benefit both yourself and baby (and even your birth partner and the caregivers present)!

You can choose the mindset that you want to have in the lead up to and during your birth… and then maintain it. Hypnobirthing Australia™ ‘Positive Caesarean Birth Classes’ will teach you how. 

We’ll teach you the tools and techniques that you can use to reinforce a positive approach and mindset – such as affirmations, visualisation, self-hypnosis (hypnotherapy) and relaxation, helping you to feel more relaxed and calm throughout the birthing process. 

The breathing and relaxation techniques that you will learn can be of great benefit to you before birth, during birth, and also after surgery to assist you with recovery. In fact, many mothers who have used the affirmations, breathing and self-hypnosis techniques have reported a need for less pain relief after the birth than usual.

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You will learn how to research your possible birth choices for a more ‘family-friendly’ caesarean birth and how to discuss/negotiate your birth preferences with your caregivers openly. You need to feel supported, heard and respected through your pregnancy and birth. Even though we are living in times whereby some caregivers now support maternal assisted c-sections (where-by the mother, using sterile gloves, actually reaches down and receives her own baby) – there still exist many caregivers who balk at the thought of even ‘allowing’ immediate skin-to-skin at a caesarean birth. So, we’ll teach you how to do your own research and then discuss your preferences with your caregiver as early as possible in your pregnancy; to ensure you have the most suitable support team on board.

Your birth partner/companion also needs to understand and be supportive of your birth preferences. We will provide your birth partner with  knowledge and tools to be able to encourage and support you through pregnancy and birth. The last thing you need during the birth, is a birth partner who is anxious and transferring that stress on to you! They can play such a pivotal role in helping you to stay calm and relaxed during the birth… if they know how to.

Caesarean Course Testimonial - Eryn

We were able to prepare for our Caesarean Birth in a Calm, Loving and Positive Way!


Caesarean Course - Alexandra

We were able to prepare for our Caesarean Birth in a Calm, Loving and Positive Way!


I have already recommended the Hypnobubs Positive Cesarean Online Course
to a couple of pregnant friends and will definitely be using the tools for my next baby.





Class with a certifed 'Caesarean Trained' Hypnobirthing Practitioner

The ‘Positive Caesarean Birth’ Course was created for women and birth partners who either have to have a Caesarean Birth due to medical or for personal reasons. 
This course has definitely been created without judgement as we know that not all women can or want to give birth naturally but we believe that you still deserve to go into your birth without fear and feeling confident and relaxed.

We have trained practitioners around Australia who can offer this course face to face with you in a private one-on-one session. 


  • 4-hours of tuition birthing mother and birth partner
  • Booklet for class
  • Access to comprehensive online resources (a collection of mp3 tracks for pregnancy and birth, eBook, practice videos, birth videos, pdf downloads, extra reading)
  • Ongoing support from your Practitioner

You can click on the button below to find your nearest ‘Positive Caesarean Practitioner’. You can contact them directly to discuss available class times and booking details. 



With Private Session Upgrade Option

This special online course option is especially designed for mothers & birth partners preparing for a positive and empowered cesarean birth.

Includes 12-month access to:

  • Comprehensive video sessions
  • 5 x long-play relaxation mp3 tracks (downloadable)
  • eBook ‘The Positive Cesarean Birth’ (downloadable)
  • Downloadable resources & worksheets
  • Online support
  • Option to upgrade to a private 90-minute session with a certified Practitioner



For parents who have already attended hypnobirthing classes and may need a c-section

Our special adapted version of our cesarean online course builds on your prior learning and helps prepare you for this change of circumstances.

Includes 12-month access to:

  • A selection of video sessions from The Positive Cesarean Birth Online Course which builds on your prior learning and knowledge
  • 5 X long-play mp3 tracks (downloadable)
  • eBook ‘The Positive Cesarean Birth’ (downloadable)
  • Downloadable resources & worksheets
  • Online support


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