Hypnobirthing gave us the confidence to know we were making the right decisions for us. 


We were booked in for our induction on Wednesday the 6th Jan and we were so excited. We headed into hospital at 4pm on the Wednesday we were seen by the midwife at 430pm we were escorted to the birth suit  She was so lovely and explained everything to me and Andy in depth. She had a read through our birth preferences and reassured us of everything we could do on there.

I had a ccg machine put on me and bubba was monitored for a half hour or so. We had our blood pressure taken and heart rate monitored. I was 1cm dilated so they saif they would be able to break my water of the catheter didn’t work. They popped the catheter in and filled the two balloons up with 80g of water each. I took deep breathes and relaxed my muscles into my bum from my back. I felt alot of cramping in my bladder at first and then felt more moving into my back. The cramps got really intense at first and then started to settle after a awhile. Throughout the night I had Lots of cramping in the back but it felt like period pains.

As the night went on I felt more intense cramps and was starting to have dull surges throughout the night. The next morning we went back to the birth suite and they removed the catheter. They tried to rupture my membranes but unfortunately, my body was just not ready. My cervix was to far back and baby was sitting to high up. I had this attempted 3 times before we asked for other options. I felt in my heart that this didn’t feel right and that I felt like I was too stressed and putting baby under stress. After our options were given to us, We went through our BRAIN technique with all the midwives and obstetrician and after many questions back and forth, Andy and I decided that a csection was going to be our best option for myself and for baby. We felt so supported in our decision and we had given our preferences for what we wanted during our csection. Once we made this decision I felt calm and at peace and knew I was making the right decision for myself and baby. It all happened pretty quickly from there and within a half-hour we were being wheeled into the theatre getting ready to meet our little girl. Andy was so incredibly supportive so strong and gave me such an incredible sense of calm with our decision. At 1:04pm we heard the cries of our little Thea and we burst into tears.

Even though it was not the birth we were hoping for it was still so positive, beautiful and magical. Every single midwife, doctor, anaesthetist and nurse made our experience feel more positive, I felt supported and empowered through our decisions and having our little girl arrive earthside safe and healthy was our number 1 priority.

We are so grateful for the hypnobirthing course and for all it taught us. It gave us the confidence to know we were making the right decisions for us.

Thea Julia Thorn
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