I would HIGHLY recommend all mama’s to take this course.

Hi Melissa!
Being a first-time mum myself pregnancy was a beautiful experience however once it gets closer to the due date the anxiety regarding birth kicks in. The fear of the unknown, hearing stories from other mums (mostly negative) really impacts your outlook on birth.  Thank God I came across this course. The way I was informed and educated really calmed my anxiety.  What I loved most is it’s not like the other courses. I was educated regarding every aspect of birth and the hospital leaving me more confident and empowered in my choices.
I went into hospital early morning Sunday 13th December having manageable contractions. The contractions intensified as time went by (I had hired the tens machine from bliss birth) which helped manage my pain A LOT!  The contractions intensified around 11:30pm, 12am Monday 14th I went into the birthing unit. They had known I did hypnobirthing and had set up the birth unit for me. My water had not broken yet after a few vaginal exams we had decided to agree with the nurses and break my waters. The contractions are now even more intense. My husband was using the accu pressure techniques we had practised during our hypnobirthing course to help manage the pain.
Early morning Monday 14th 9:30am I was 7cm dilated finally! I figured things were moving and soon I’ll be pushing out my little Bub.  Considering I didn’t sleep the night before and also the previous night (two nights without sleep) I was feeling exhausted and opted for the walking epidural to help with pain management. Things took a turn – 20 min later my blood pressure had dropped and babies oxygen levels had dropped.  During this moment everything I had learned during hypnobirthing was running through my mind. All the medical terms Sam and Elle had educated me on had become very handy. Keyvan and I had remained calm and I knew c-section would most likely be where I was heading.
My OB had came in I was right, we were rushed to theatre for a c-section. Within 20 minutes I had my healthy beautiful baby girl in my arms (best part we kept the gender a surprise) soo worth it.
I must say, had I not taken the course I think things may have had another outcome (mentally) for me. I don’t think I would have remained calm, or been able to control my breathing through the contractions, I feel it would have all been foreign for me and scary. However, because I knew and was educated on what to expect through labour and c-section my outlook was a beautiful one with me in control of my body (even though the birth did take a turn) I would HIGHLY recommend all mama’s to take this course. Especially first-time mums. There is so much info the hospitals and doctors can’t fill you in on and as a mother, it’s wasted knowledge which we all need. So thank you for your beautiful course!!!
So we had learned Iryana had turned her head and had the cord wrapped around her neck which is why her oxygen levels had dropped. It was a beautiful experience and everyone’s story is different. Birth never goes to plan but the end goal was to deliver a happy healthy baby with mama healthy too!
Fay x x
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