Patrick, born 1 June 2016

Hi Melissa 🙂

Matt and I welcomed our Hypnobub, Patrick into the world on Wednesday night, 01 June 2016. Thank you so much for the tools we used for us to enjoy our positive birth. I surprised the midwives on how well I progressed.

During labour Patrick was posterior and therefore I was feeling intense surges in my back. I was experiencing uncontrollable back spasms and Patrick’s head wasn’t in the correct position yet, therefore we discussed our options and chose an epidural in order to relax my back muscles. At the time of epidural they advised I was 8cm.

Some time had passed and Patrick’s head still wasn’t in the correct position therefore again we discussed our options and agreed the oxcytocin drip was the best choice to allow for stronger surges and try for natural birth.

hypnobirthing brisbane natural birth epiduralThe midwives were on our side and were communicating to our OB, in a phone conversation I heard one midwife say, “Yes, a vaginal birth is possible”. Not long after that I was bearing down for two hours and Patrick was born at 6.34 pm!

At 8 pound 6 ounces, 55.5 cm long, 35 cm head circumference the staff were most impressed. We had 1 hour skin to skin contact and breastfed with the help of the midwife.

It was beautiful. The atmosphere the entire labour was so relaxing with all the tracks you provided us and the low lights. Matt had all the tools he needed as well and was the perfect birth partner. I was certainly ‘in the zone’ as I focused on my body and baby I could hear the staff ask me questions and Matt would step in for me also several times I was asked “Kallie, are you with us”? hehe; I calmly responded, “Yes”.

During our stay at the hospital we had several midwives comment on how they enjoyed our birthing and they love coming into our room as it’s so calm. So again, thank you.

We are so happy and proud at how we introduced our first born into the world. Feeding is going really well and I enjoy listening to the bonding with baby track with Patrick.

Kind regards,

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