Lachlan, born 20 May 2016

*** Note from Melissa***

I am excited to be sharing this birth story from a beautiful mama I’ve taught who just had her 2nd very calm and positive c-section birth using her hypnobirthing techniques. Welcome to the world little hypnobub, Lachlan.image5

It is important for parents to know that there are Birthing Preferences that you can request during a caesarean birth that can make a very big difference to your experience and these preferences can also have long-term benefits for your baby. In addition to this, the hypnobirthing relaxation, positive mindset and tools that we use can really help keep the birth positive and calm – ensuring that the birth of your baby is a day filled with joy!
Amanda originally attended the regular Hypnobirthing Australia classes and was able to adjust her preferences when it was discovered that the safest way to birth her baby was via c-section. We do also have a special Positive Caesarean Course available for those who know that a c-section is required in advance.

This time around, she prepared herself very well again (and we had a little top up chat and Fear Release closer to the birth date, too). Amanda even came into our class and spoke to the parents about how her positive pregnancy and birth flowed on to positive parenting and very connected little hypnobub.

And all of that preparation sure does pay off. Here is the story of Lachlan’s very positive birth.

Lachlan’s Birth Storypositive caesarean birth hypnobirthing hypnobirth preparation for c-section cesarean

I am thrilled to share some images of our darling Lachlan, born at 7.40am on Fri 20 May, 3.3kg, 48cm. Exactly the same size/ looks as Jackson except he has his dad’s nose, haha!!

Our birth experience was wonderful, with our amazing team of care givers, he was born into a room of love and joy. Being the first c-section for the day, it felt very industrial and loud with everyone setting up and chatting at first, once everyone understood my request for a quiet and calm room the vibe changed, Lachlan could join us, I felt more relaxed this time knowing what to expect, I was very empowered but quite emotional knowing I was about to receive another beautiful boy!! You were there with me the whole time as I listened to the caesarean birth meditation and affirmations during the procedure.

image3Lachlan is totally calm and sleeping well, my milk came through straight away, feeding every 2 to 3 hours, breastfeeding was a challenge as like Jackson, he has a lip/ tongue tie but we are doing well using a shield, so well that he weighed in at 3.9kg yesterday! I credit this to your breastfeeding meditation/ affirmations, which were my comfort during the 5 days in hospital, these were constantly played, and found instant calm listening as I expressed and attempted to feed!

image4Enjoying getting to know our new lil man, our family is complete now with the addition of two beagle puppies, Ringo and George, it’s busy!! Jackson loves Lachlan giving him cuddles, kisses and firm pats (with me saying Gentle Hands Jackson!!!!) he also says ‘bye Lachlan’ when he leaves for ‘fun school’ (daycare) each day! I am recovering so well like last time, refused the hard drugs, moving around well and loving having my body back without all those pregnancy symptoms, it was so rewarding seeing Lachlan after a challenging pregnancy!!

Amanda x

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