One Word Birth – New Global Birth Project

Inspiring Videos at your Fingertips

This resource is fantastic! The One World Birth is a project that brings you free videos with a different theme every month. The goal of the project is to connect people all over the world with the happenings in the birthing world. The videos feature people like Ina May Gaskin (legendary US midwife and founder of the birthing center ‘The Farm’ in Tennessee), Elizabeth Davis (midwife and author), Dr. Sarah J. Buckley (GP from Brisbane, author and homebirther of 4), Cathy Warwick (General Secretary, Royal College of Midwives), Michel Odent (a French OB GYN who is a natural birth supporter), amongst many others. The project features input from over 60 health and birth professionals. Best of all this information is FREE for you to watch and share with others.


If this video moves you, please share it with others. And tune in often, because it’s like having your own birthing channel that you can connect to at any time!

Keep watching videos on a regular basis to keep you inspired. We can change the way birth is viewed ” one birth at a time. :)

Melissa Spilsted
Author: Melissa Spilsted

Melissa Spilsted is an author, clinical hypnotherapist, teacher, recording artist and the director of Hypnobirthing Australia™ (Australia's fastest growing childbirth education course). She teaches hypnobirthing techniques to parents and practitioners throughout Australia and the world.

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