Jazz born 24 September 2011

302076_10150350879217149_360037147148_8428645_294002439_nJust thought I’d share your news with you :)

Baby Jazz Damien Shelley was born on Saturday 24th September at 5.36pm!!

Jazz waited till the fourth day after his due date to make his appearance. I’d had a few cramps during the night that kind of woke me, but nothing eventuated. However, the Saturday when I woke I felt a bit odd, and had a thought that it might be the day for it! Sebastian’s birthday was the next day (Sunday), so I wanted to head out to the shops to get everything we needed for his birthday ‘just in case.’

We got everything done, sat down for some lunch at the shopping centre, and at about 2.15pm a huge surge rolled over me. I buried my head in Dom’s shoulder to hide my face from the cafe patrons while I focused. Dom promptly panicked!! The surge finished, and the kids and Dom finished their lunch (I wasnt eating), and we left. Another smaller surge on the way to the car, and another much stronger one as soon as we got home. I went upstairs to the bedroom, shut the blinds and door and got on with it. I remember thinking that I was like a mother dog, hiding away nice and quiet and peaceful just dealing with things as they happened.

Surges were about 4 mins apart and we decided to head to the hospital, about 4pm. Dom had a little panic again, was quite overwhelmed at this really being it! He got us there safely, with my mum and I in the back of the car. My mum is a massage therapist and her skills certainly made a difference! We got to the hospital about 4.30pm, not a wheelchair in site! The midwife arrived shortly after and as I was in transition knew that if we didnt get out of the car and inside, then we’d be having the baby in the car!  Dom asked if he should go and move the car, to which my mother and the midwife replied with a very loud and firm NO!!!!

We got upstairs and the spa was still filling. I stood and leaned on the end of the bed hind of liftng my foot when a surge was particularly strong and painful. Finally the tub was full, and I’m sure i looked like a big hippo submerging itself, but the hot water and weightlessness was absolute bliss!! Despite Dom being adamant he wouldnt get in the water with me anytime the discussion came up, he did in the end as it was easier to rub my back. i cant tell you how many pushes there were, but we were at the hospital for an hour before Jazz was born. Dom delivered him, again something he’d been adamant he wouldnt do, but was thrilled to have had the experience in the end.

At one point I remember thinking, ‘we’re not doing the affirmations!’ and said to everyone in the room (Dom, my mum and midwife) that no one was talking to me! So, no affirmations or prompts, no scripts, no cd, no nothing! I went into myself, and was totally aware of them asking me things, but loved that I didnt have to answer. All up my labour took less than 3 and a half hours, but having done Hypnobirthing made such a difference. Instead of fearing the pain, and yes it bloody hurt, I welcomed each surge because I knew it was bringing my baby closer to me. Breathing learnt helped keep focus and stay calm and relaxed, and I remembered to keep my mouth loose. I didnt do any visualisations, but I was very aware and in touch with what my baby and body were doing, much more aware and at peace that I have been with my other labours and deliveries.

We needed no pain relief at all, and it was completely manageable. One thing I did notice was that I had no sense of time, so I’m thinking that even though I seemed to ‘fall asleep’ each night listening to Rainbow relaxation, some of it sank into my brain and I was able to draw on it.

Dom was very nervous and bordering on panicking, but having learnt the tools he did from the classes, and having the support of my mum who encouraged him but stood back and allowed him to take the lead, enabled him to actually enjoy the birthing of our son, and be encouraged to do the things he was adamant he wouldnt or didnt want to do (get in the spa, deliver the baby). He says that the experience was amazing, such a stark contrast to when Jesse and Phoenix were born. He didnt stop smiling for days!!

So, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, for helping us have the experience we did. I’ve attached a couple of photos of baby Jazz, whom we both think is gorgeous and perfect, and are totally in love with!!

Sarah (7th time mum) and Dom, Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast

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