One Born Every Minute

Did you know that there is one born every minute in Australia? Well, one baby born every 1 minute & 44 seconds to be exact!australia one born every minute

HOW those babies are born can affect the physical, mental and emotional health of mother and baby short term and for many years to come.

Birth intervention rates in Australia continue to climb and are much higher than those recommended by WHO (World Health Organisation). Sometimes these interventions are life-saving; we all know this and are thankful to have them when special circumstances are present. However – we need to have a very serious look at the number of UNNECESSARY interventions that are taking place and the short and long-term effects of these.

And that is why we are SO EXCITED about the release of this ground-breaking Australian study.

abc childbirth education reduces rate of intervention kate levett study australiaDr Kate Levett’s study results have been released this week and published in the respected British Medical Journal. The results of the study clearly outline the advantages for parents attending an independent, empowering childbirth education course that includes tools such as relaxation, breathing, meditation, massage, acupressure etc. (Sounds a lot like a Hypnobirthing Australia course, doesn’t it???!!!

Professor Hannah Dahlen is quoted as saying “In all of my career… I have never seen such dramatic results”. This research is causing a SURGE of discussion!

We’ve been saying this for a l-o-n-g time – but it is wonderful to now have the research clearly backing up what we have said all along. The key to improvements in maternity outcomes in Australia and the world is effective, practical, un-biased, INDEPENDENT childbirth education. Ie. Not an antenatal course which covers hospital policies but rather an un-biased, evidence based, practical course on HOW to cope with labour and reduce fears leading up to and during birth.

And that is why we, at Hypnobirthing Australia, do what we do. 🙂

Click here to find your nearest class or we also have an online version of our course available.

There is one born every minute; a baby is born and a mother is born. Let’s make sure that they both have the best start possible, through firstly providing the BEST childbirth education possible.


Melissa Spilsted

Director Hypnobirthing Australia

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