We Made Choices That Were Right For Our Natural Birth!

Carl and I undertook a Hypnobirthing course with Yolande in Moranbah and our son Ashton arrived into the world at 38+3.

We live 2 hours from the nearest hospital so at 38 weeks we were advised to move closer to Mackay. I worked up until the Friday and moved to Mackay on Saturday afternoon. I went into labour midnight on Saturday and continued to practice my breathing while trying to rest until 3:30am the surges were 2 minutes apart.

New Born Baby Ashton
Hypnobub Ashton
We arrived at the hospital by 4am and after a short time of CTG monitoring I moved to the shower. After one surge in the shower I had urge to bear down. A cervical examination showed I was 9cm dilated. My waters broke on their own during the final stages and no drugs or other intervention was required. Ashton arrived in a hurry at 5:50am.
As the labour progressed quickly, our Hypnobirthing preferences didn’t exactly go to plan. All lights were on and no music but we were prepared using birthing positions and breathing techniques that we were taught in the course. Carl was an amazing birth partner using phrases to encourage me to be calm and focused on delivering our baby into the world.
Hypnobirthing empowered us to make choices that were right for us and helped us deliver in a calm environment.

You can find your closest Hypnobirthing Australia class here.

You can book into the hypnobubs hypnobirthing online course here.

Natural drug free birth Moranbah
Proud Hypnobirthing Parents Tamara & Carl
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