A Successful Drug Free VBAC Birth Story!

We had our baby Elwood on Thursday 20 April (41+1 day) with a successful drug free VBAC!

Drug Free VBAC birth story
Want to achieve a drug free birth after caesarean? Read this inspiring birth story

Surges started on Tuesday night (18th April) and we went into hospital at 3am on Thursday and he was born 1.53pm. I’m so so happy with how the birth went and have no regrets (although it was long and exhausting), we chose to have my waters broken at 9am to encourage progress and an episiotomy for an unassisted birth after trying multiple pushing positions in the end. The cheeky boy had his fist resting on his cheek so although I was pushing well he wasn’t coming through.

My husband Dan was amazing, along with Xanthe our student midwife and the RBWH Aster Midwife Group ladies. They ensured that all my preferences were respectfully considered with minimal intervention and a quiet peaceful room and faught off any unnecessary interruptions from doctors so I wasn’t distracted or feeling like I was ‘on the clock’.

Melissa I cannot put into words or thank you enough for your support, advice, information and love over the past few years since meeting during our pregnancy with our fir

st boy Jonny.

You helped us feel prepared and as in control and confident as we could be leading up to both births and reminded us that we both (myself and my husband) have a purpose and role in the birth. We would not have been able to do what we did without you and your amazing program empowering us and encouraging us to look forward to the amazing day we meet our baby.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Allison & Daniel


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