Joel Seth born 11 January 2012

425584_10150552693437149_360037147148_9228655_771958945_nHi Melissa. Bel & Fern here. Just checking in to say hi, how r u & let u no we r doing great. Joel Seth is a beautiful baby, always hungry but very alert & happy still. Mum saids it’s like he’s been here before the way he looks around & so at ease when he is awake. I had thought the same thing. The breast feeding is always more demanding but other than that he is a perfect baby. He crawled to my left breast wanting a feed (straight after birth) ”  I remember reading this about Hypnobirthing babies. Didn’t believe it until Joel did it. He is a strong baby & lifts his head quite easily!  He even slept from 9pm to 4am 2 ngts ago! I don’t remember any of my babies doing this!

I also wanted to let you know something Glenda (midwife at the Mater) said before we left birth suite. She was so impressed by our choices & techniques her last words were. Your welcome to come again anytime! Lol she was lovely though!

And he also had both his Apgar scores 10 at birth too!! I truly believe thanks to Hypnobirthing!! Thanks again wonderful lady!

I can’t thanku enough Melissa taking the time to meet Fern. I sent in a photo of him holding Joel after he was born.


There are some moments that u share with a person u wish could last forever. This was one of the for me with Fern! That pretty much sums up the birth for me, it was a beautiful moment in time for us honestly. So pls feel welcome you share our

testimonial & a pic if you like. I can’t say it enough on my fb ” Hypnobirthing is the preferred natural birth alternative without a doubt! Lol take care & I hope I can convince other friends to contact you in the future! Which I’m sure will be easy! Lol love Bel xxoo

Bel and Fern, Middle Park, Brisbane

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