Is a positive birth possible with no gas or drugs?

Is a positive birth possible with no gas or drugs?

Is a positive birth possible with no gas or drugs?It comes down to your approach to birth!

When you watch birth videos of women birthing without drugs or gas you’re probably thinking how is this possible? Do they have superpowers? Do they just have a high pain threshold? I’m definitely not strong enough to do that.

Countless people have told Melissa over the years “You must be a strong woman to birth without drugs”. Her reply is “I am woman”. 

As women we are made to give birth, our bodies have been designed to give birth. There are no secret superpowers or a high pain threshold needed. 

It comes down to your approach to birth. When you use a combination of knowledge, tools, support, and preparation you can achieve a positive birth. We know that hypnobirthing works! You can click here to check out the evidence. 

You will have tools to bring yourself back into a calm state, if your birthing takes a different turn or if you have difficulties with the intensity experienced. The techniques help you achieve a deep state of relaxation, enabling your body to open up without resistance. 

Your birth partner will learn ways to help you throughout pregnancy and birth. This is very useful for the mother and very empowering for the birth partner. Many hypnobirthing mums comment after birth that they and their birth partner ‘did it together.’ You will also have the knowledge to be able to make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and birth. 

Even if your birth doesn’t end up completely natural you will always know in your heart that you’ve given your baby the best birth possible with the circumstances you had. 

If you want extra tools, knowledge, preparation, and support we have the perfect course for you. We have face-to-face or online learning options. 

Click here to find a hypnobirthing class closest to you and click here to learn more about our online hypnobirthing options. 

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