Questioning and decision-making techniques for labour and birth

Questioning and decision-making techniques for labour and birth

Questioning and decision-making techniques for labour and birthIn every major life decision from buying a house, to planning a wedding we like to make informed decisions we take the time to do the research. Birth shouldn’t be any different!

During the last trimester especially the last few weeks of pregnancy, there can be a lot of external pressure placed on the birthing mother which can affect the birthing mother’s mindset and trust in her ability to birth. 

When you feel external pressure placed on you the most important thing to remember is for you and your birth partner to advocate for your birth preferences and make informed decisions based on knowledge, not fear. 

We recommend to all the birthing parents who attend our hypnobirthing courses to take the time to do their own research to be able to make informed decisions should the need arise in the lead-up to and during your birth. Seek knowledge from reputable resources and always feel free to discuss topics more in-depth with your caregivers. 

Just because you’re offered medical intervention doesn’t mean you require medical intervention. If there are special circumstances present, then yes medical intervention may sometimes be necessary. 

One of the questioning techniques taught in our hypnobirthing course is the B.R.A.I.N technique. It’s a simple technique that many of our hypnobirthing parents find super helpful. 

So, what is the BRAIN technique?

B – Benefits: What are the benefits for baby and mother?

R – Risks: What are the risks for baby and mother?

A – Alternatives: Are there any alternative options?

I – Instincts: What are my instincts telling me (based on knowledge – not fear)?

N – Nothing: What if we do nothing? Is it an option to wait?

Remember your birth partner can be your biggest advocate during your birth and pregnancy some great questions for your birthing partner to ask include:

  •  Is there a medical indication that my partner or baby are in danger? No? Well, we’d like to stick to our birth preference a little longer. ⁠
  • ⁠Can you suggest any alternatives to this?⁠
  • ⁠What evidence do you see that suggests we should do this?⁠

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