What happens during a caesarean birth?

What happens during a caesarean birth?

What happens during a caesarean birth?Sometimes, a caesarean birth is the safest and best way to birth your baby, due to special circumstances. It is our belief that – babies know the safest route out. Aren’t we fortunate to have the opportunity to prepare for our birth, and to make our preferences known?

Knowledge is power! So if you know you need a caesarean birth it is good to familiarise yourself with what to expect during a caesarean birth so can prepare your mind and body for a positive experience.

What happens before a c-section?

Firstly, you will check into hospital on the day of your birth, and the hospital will advise you of the time to arrive. Once you’re checking into the hospital and have your room you can still set up your tools you will learn inside the Hypnobirthing Australia course (aromatherapy, affirmations, LED candles) to help you remain calm before your surgery. You can click here to read more ways to learn more ways of how to create a calm birth environment in a hospital. 

Theatre staff will then come and collect you and generally, you are taken down on your bed. Your birth partner will be provided with a set of scrubs and a hat to wear into the theatre. Your midwife will go through your pre-op checklist with you and apply a name band to your wrist and ankle as well as anti-thrombolytic stockings. You will be provided with a hospital gown and hat to change into. This is a good time to share your birth preferences with your caregivers if you haven’t done so already. Theatre staff will now do another pre-op checklist and then it is time for your spinal/epidural. 

Your anesthetist will insert an intravenous cannula into the back of your hand or your arm (a small needle into a vein to provide you with fluids or medication if required) & then insert the spinal/epidural. The process will be discussed with you prior to insertion.

Once your anesthetic is effective, you will be wheeled into theatre and transferred onto the surgical trolley. Theatre staff will explain how they will move you and it often involves giving yourself a hug and letting them roll you from side to side and then slide you over.  

Once on the table the anaesthetist sits at your head end and hooks you up to the monitoring equipment and is in charge of keeping you comfortable. Your birth partner also sits at the head end.

A shield will be put up between your breast and bump to provide a shield for the surgical site (normally a drape). 

The obstetrician will apply an antiseptic wash to your bump – you may feel this, it will be cold. Whilst this is happening, a member of the theatre team will insert a urinary catheter.

 How long does it take?

The procedure takes 40-50 mins from start to end however the actual delivery of the baby only takes around 10 mins. 

What happens during a c-section?

Once fully numb, the obstetrician will make a small incision in your lower abdomen just above your pubic hairline. With some neat suturing, the scar should be fairly unnoticeable and will fade more and more over time. Another incision is then made in the lower part of your uterus.

We at Hypnobirthing Australia™ are passionate about positive birthing. A positive pregnancy and birth will set you up well for parenthood, and set your baby up well for life!

We are the pioneers in creating this special program which prepares parents for a positive and empowering caesarean birth, using hypnobirthing techniques.

We have a Positive Caesarean Birth Course that has definitely been created without judgement as we know that not all women can or want to give birth naturally but we believe that you still deserve to go into your birth without fear and feeling confident and relaxed.

We have trained practitioners around Australia who can offer this course face-to-face with you in a private one-on-one session or we also have a world-first online course option.

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