Chase Brendon, born 4 March, 2016

Emma’s birth story (3rd birth, 2nd hypnobub)…

Hello Melissa,

How are you? I have been meaning to finish my birth story for baby #3 for a long time now, I finally got the push I needed when I found out that we are expecting #4!

I am so excited to give birth again ☺️ People think I’m crazy, these people don’t understand the power of Hypnobirthing and believing in yourself!

Thank you for your amazing tracks and soothing voice! Here goes……

People think I’m crazy, these people don’t understand the power of Hypnobirthing and believing in yourself!

Throughout my pregnancy we had joked that my husband would be sharing his birthday, something that he was not overly impressed with. He kept telling me “I don’t mind when the baby comes but I only get one day a year to myself, I really don’t want to share it.”

It was the 4th March, my husbands birthday and I had woken early to some regular surges, I knew that today would be the day. I got out of bed and proceeded to make pancakes for everyone. When Brendon had gotten up I said happily “today’s the day, just so you know I’m in labour.” I’m not sure he was convinced because I was doing so well so he headed off to work while I got our other two children ready for the day.

My mum drove me to drop my eldest off at school, I took him to his class and did a puzzle with him. I had several stronger surges however I thought that I was hiding it wonderfully (I later found out that the teacher had noticed I seemed “zoned out” at certain times).

Once I returned home I began walking up and down the back of my house with my daughter by my side repeating my affirmations over and over. By 11am I decided things were moving along quickly and it was time for Brendon to come home. He came home in time for us to head in to the birth centre.

I arrived at the birthing centre at about 1pm, my husband and doula set to creating the space exactly how I had wanted, oils burning, affirmations and pictures stuck to the walls and my Hypnobirthing tracks playing. There was lots of laughter and joy in between surges and I was just so excited that it was time.

I was adamant that I wanted a water birth and was relieved as I laid weightless in the water. I listened to the “Surge of the Sea” soundtrack and was completely within myself. When the track finished and I opened my eyes I thought oh no I need to poo, I climbed out of the bath and went to the toilet. Of course it wasn’t a poo, just baby moving gently down. I decided to stay in the shower where my husband held the water over my back and he and my doula reassured me that I was doing an amazing job. I was now listening to the affirmations track and swaying my hips from side to side. A few minutes later my mindset changed to the “I can’t do this anymore”, a sign to my doula and husband that baby was now very close. I gently breathed down and his head was born, once more and his beautiful body followed. As I stood in the shower I had reached down to bring my baby up to my chest, what a beautiful moment, completed by the surprise of not knowing his gender.

Chase Brendon was born at 3.03pm in room 303, on the 4th March, 7 pound 6, 50 cms long, surrounded by my amazing support team.

My eldest son Kai was also present for the birth and I will be forever in awe of how much love my little man showed for me that day.

So My husband has had to get around to the idea that he is stuck sharing his birthday, somehow, I don’t think he minds anymore 🙂

It was truly the most magical experience!

Thanks Melissa!

Emma (Brisbane)

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