Screaming during birth

I often tell mothers who are attending our Hypnobirthing Australia and Hypnobubs classes that we can ‘think’ that we are making a LOT more noise during labour, than we actually are!

This is feedback we received from a new mum who recently birthed her baby after completing our online course.

My labour progressed very quickly. I arrived at hospital just after 10 and Bub was born 11.17. I think I dealt with it well and found strength from my hypnobubs techniques.

My hubby kept telling people I ‘made it look easy’ and I ‘remained quiet’ the whole way through the labour even tho I was screaming inside during some moments! lol

I can also remember feeling like I was REALLY loud at particular times when birthing my babies. The funny thing is, in actual fact, most of the noise was happening in my head! Yes, I still did use vocalisation – but it was very helpful sounds (deep guttural sounds that helped me to bear down). My ‘perception’ of how much noise I was making was not in sync with reality!

When we use self-hypnosis – we are in a heightened state of awareness. Because we have a combination of good knowledge, support, preparation and tools (deep relaxation, breathing and other techniques); we hypnobirthing mamas have WONDERFUL coping mechanisms during our labour. It blows most people (who are supporting us through birth) away!
Sometimes, when we look back on our birthing videos/photos or receive feedback from others… we are pleasantly surprised by just how ‘in control’ we were at a time when we were ‘letting go’.

That’s the magic of our Hypnobirthing Australia and Hypnobubs program! ?

Melissa x

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