I wanted a natural experience but I also wanted a safe experience.

Approaching my fourth birth with calm positivity

As soon as the home pregnancy test stated “1 to 2 weeks pregnant” I had a myriad of emotions starting with shock, excitement and a little bit of worry.  This was to be my fourth pregnancy and although I had three previously beautiful hypnobirthing, water births I was nervous.  I wanted to give my fourth child the same experience I had given the other three.  I know that birth can take unexpected turns but I was determined to approach this birth with a calm positive outlook and allow my body to once again “do what it is designed to do”.

Each of my pregnancies has been different, however, at 39 weeks pregnant my blood pressure became elevated just like my third pregnancy.  I once again decided on induction with the support of my obstetrician.  I wanted a natural experience but I also wanted a safe experience.Hypnobirthing Parents Rebecca & Joel holding their newborn baby

We checked into the birthing suite around 9 pm the night before and when I saw the birthing pool my excitement started to build.  “This is where I will meet my little baby” I thought and smiled to myself.  The induction started with a gel.  To which nothing happened.  Around 5 am the second lot of gel was administered.  Again nothing happened.  The obstetrician then arrived around 10 am and broke my waters.  Again nothing happened.  “So stubborn” I laughed to myself, baby was not interested in making an appearance anytime soon.  I was then put onto a drip and after a few hours, my body and baby started to respond.

I started to listen to my affirmations and walked about the room stopping every so often to concentrate on my surges as my husband held me.  “You are safe little one” I radiated to my baby, “You are loved and we cannot wait to meet you”.  As my surges started to increase and lengthen I focussed on allowing my body to open and continued to breathe love down to my baby.  My midwife suggested that it was time to enter the pool and when I did I started to notice the change in my breathing.  “This is faster than usual” I remember thinking to myself.  I had a lovely student midwife sit on one side of me in the pool reminding me of my affirmations and gently stroking my arm.  On the other side, I had my husband who was stroking my other arm and whispering to me how amazing I was.  I couldn’t have asked for a safer, more comfortable place to meet my baby.  It was perfect and then before I knew it her head was out and shortly after she emerged from the water, more beautiful than we could have imagined.  Our baby girl had entered the world surrounded by love and support in an amazingly calm and nurturing environment.

I am so grateful to have found Hypnobirthing Australia™ 6 years ago before the birth of my first child.  I have had 4 incredible experiences and so have my four gorgeous children.  I am so glad I was able to share the same experience with all of them.

Hypnobirthing empowered me to be the birthing goddess that I am and I wish all future mothers self-belief, self-love and most importantly calm and empowered births.

Hypnomum Rebecca

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