I trusted my body and my baby to deliver the way it was meant to.


Hi Melissa,
Just a quick email to let you know we welcomed our little girl into the world last week. She decided she wanted to come a little over two weeks earlier than the estimated due date at 37 weeks 5 days and only weighed a tiny 2.62kg.
Ellie Annabelle Rose Bresil was born at 6:03pm on January 14th, 2020 after 14 hours of labour, but only 4 hours in the last stage. The midwives were amazing and were very accommodating to our preferences. Although we felt we could have been more prepared since we thought we still had two weeks, the birth was an amazing experience. I delivered without an epidural and personally feel that the process wasn’t as painful as I expected it to be. Michael was a phenomenal neo, picking up on all my subconscious signals. During the transition stage, I took to rubbing my thighs to stop myself tensing. By the second surge, Michael had taken over massaging my legs so I could concentrating on my breathing. He made sure I was hydrated during delivery, communicated with the midwives on my behalf, kept me in high spirits and even helped deliver our daughter.
Unfortunately some of our preferences couldn’t happen due to Ellie struggling to breath on delivery. We didn’t get skin to skin right away so we couldn’t start a latch to assist the placenta delivery and the midwives were very apologetic, but very impressed how calm I was concerning not seeing my baby for an hour and a half while she received special care. They commented for a first time delivery, I was one of the calmest they had seen and they were impressed by my attitude that whatever happened, I trusted my body and my baby to deliver the way it was meant to.
Thank you for giving us the tools to make our birth easy and uncomplicated.
Tahnee and Michael
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