I had a wonderful birth experience

Louise’s Birth Story

Etta 3.48kg

40 weeks exactly

 wonderful birth experience with my third child
Natural birth, no pain relief medicationsI had a wonderful birth experience with my third child, Etta. I had a couple of contractions in the morning which stopped when my 2 year old got back from swimming. My parents decided to take her and my son to their house. Within one minute of them leaving my labour started with contractions 3 mins apart. I labored at home, walking around with music on and doing little jobs while my husband did some things outside. I had two contractions that were a lot stronger so let my midwife know. We met her at the birth centre. I walked the corridors for awhile then had the urge to push so returned to my room.
My husband used counterpressure on my back at this stage. Although I didn’t listen to hypnobirthing tracks, I used breathing and affirmations in my mind. During the second phase, although it was intense, I was amazed at being able to feel my baby descend then rotate after her head was out. Although I didn’t have pain relief for my other births, I couldn’t feel this. I was so surprised when Etta was born as I was almost convinced I was having a boy. When she was born, I caught her (I was on my knees ) and saw she was a girl. I was so elated and proud of myself. Her active labour was 3.5 hours, an hour shorter than my second birth. I was really pleased with my midwife as she sat back and watched, letting me birth the way I wanted to.
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