Preparing for a Caesarean Birth

Preparing for a Caesarean Birth

Preparing for a Caesarean BirthHypnobirthing is designed for everyone no matter if you’re having a natural, home, water, hospital, medicated, or caesarean birth. Hypnobirthing Australia courses are for ALL types of birth! We have supported thousands of parents for over 13 years across Australia and internationally to prepare them for a positive birth experience. 

Hypnobirthing Australia classes prepare you with the knowledge, confidence, and tools you need to birth calmly and regardless of how your baby enters the world. We promote a POSITIVE birth and you will be well prepared for whatever turn your birth may take.

If you know you require a Caesarean for medical reasons or your birth takes an unexpected path and you now require a caesarean you still have options. 

You can choose:
  • The atmosphere of the room to be kept calm, no unnecessary chatter
  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Drapes lowered as baby emerges
  • Immediate skin-to-skin contact
  • Vaginal swabbing 
Can you use Hypnobirthing if you’re having a Caesarean birth?

You can also still use hypnobirthing techniques and tools to help you remain calm and make informed decisions. You can use hypnobirthing techniques such as breathing, visualisation, relaxation, self-hypnosis, fear release, and more. 

Through a combination of knowledge, tools, support and preparation our course can help you to prepare for a positive and empowering birth – regardless of how your baby comes into the world.

We have even created a World-first Positive Caesarean Birth Course which is taking the birthing world by ‘calm’. You can attend a face-to-face 4-hour class with a certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ ‘Positive Caesarean Practitioner’ and you will have the personal support that you deserve. If you cannot attend private sessions, then we also have some great online options available.

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