I felt so confident and comfortable

Tegan’s Birth Story

Tegan's positive hospital birth experienceTegan & Blair

Baby Lewis

Feb 2021




Our little Lewis is now Earthside after being a week later than expected.

Labour was long and tiresome and not exactly how I had imagined, but here in Kununurra we have the most amazing team of Drs and midwives and I felt so confident and comfortable in their hands.

I was scheduled to be induced Monday afternoon, however labour actually started Sunday evening, this was where I used the hypnobirthing breathing techniques and massage which worked really well, had slow manageable contractions all Monday day, then by about 8pm Monday night they got a bit more intense and I was having one every 3 minutes, so we decided to head off to the hospital, once there the intensity increased pretty quickly and I jumped into shower as was having one every minute with just some gas and still trying to use the breathing techniques.

Once they started to come back to back with no break I decided I needed an epidural (5 hours in)

With the epidural on board I felt human again, I could talk and hear and function, it was my saviour.

Birth of tegan's baby boy

Labour didn’t progress well as bubs heart rate dropped a few times and he had turned posterior with his head bent, the Dr tried to manually move him, and I had two lots of pitocin to try encourage natural movement. Fast forward to 8am thenext morning I was still only 8cm and he had turned himself back into the unfavourable position and it was decided that we needed to go into a c-section as bubs and I were getting too tired and we couldn’t try any longer.  The Dr tried everything for us to have him naturally but after the surgery she said that there was no way he was going to budge, so the section was necessary. They were honestly such an amazing group of caregivers. I hope this story helps some girls to know that even though it may not go the way we want it is still a pretty magical experience.

I’m recovering well now, little Lewis is gaining weight and feeding really well. Although breast feeding is much harder than I expected, but we’re are slowly learning.




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