A positive experience from start to finish!

Tess & Byron’s Birth Story

Tess' positive hospital birthTess & Byron

Baby Dallas

Feb 2021

Port Hedland



We would love to report we have had our little boy arrived a few weeks early at 36 weeks and 4 days old!


Our water broke at home around 1800 on the 23rd of February, I slowly started to get ready for a trip to the Port Hedland health campus after speaking with the midwifes, Byron came home and we head off arriving around 1920. Cramping started and continued to escalate, as we were a few days prem we were unable to have a water birth but that didn’t matter at all as the mid Wifes got me in the shower to enjoy some water still! skin-to-skin contact with baby after birth


I can’t stress how much the breathing techniques and staying focused helped through out the process and gave me a positive experience from start to finish! No interventions and some low gas in the last 30 minutes but happy to report Dallas arrived at 2242 on the 23rd of feb at 3.20kg and 51cm long


We would love thank you for your class and time, opening up our world to positive birthing and creating the best experience for us



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