Remember… a little bit of practice every day makes ALL the difference

We really want to give you every opportunity to build your confidence and excel in your hypnobirthing preparation. And that is why we are offering you this opportunity to upgrade to a private session with your own Certified Practitioner at a very special price.

In your private session, you have the chance to discuss any areas where you wish for some further clarification, you can also practice your techniques directly with a practitioner, they can give you some handy tips as they customise your practice routine to your individual needs. Also – your practitioner can run a personalised Fear Release with you, if you wish. It is just a wonderful opportunity to build your confidence – and this is an exclusive offer for Hypnobubs® online students only.

Now there are several ways to book this session.

If you were directed to this course via a Practitioner – then please contact that Practitioner to arrange your private session with them directly.

If you live in Australia – then go to the Hypnobirthing Australia™ website to find your preferred practitioner and you can book in with that practitioner directly:

Click here to visit the Practitioner Directory

And if you live in any other location, USA, UK, Europe, Pacific, Asia, Africa, Central or South America, Middle East or anywhere else in the world) – then you can book and purchase your private Skype session upgrade – right here:

Click here to book a session with a Hypnobubs® Certified Practitioner

Just click on the purchase button… and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours to arrange a mutually convenient time for our session together.

All of our practitioners are trained to the highest standards– and they are here to support and help you to achieve the outcomes that you desire for your birth.

Never underestimate the advantage of having that personal touch. A private session with a practitioner can really help you to build confidence and cater this knowledge directly to your own individual needs.

So book your session now – and truly give yourself the edge in hypnobirthing preparation.

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