Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner & Midwife Jemma – Shares her Birth Story

Being a Midwife of close to 9 years I have been priviledged in attending many a birth journey and story. Now it was my turn; to become a mother for the first time.
I believe birthing without fear is important. But unfortunatley in todays society we are surrounded by negativity which has increased the fear of giving birth. I have encountered this many times during my career which is why I decided to become a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner. I wish to spread the postive and empowering impacts that childbirth can have for a woman and their birthing partner.
And so here is my story…
During my pregnancy, friends and indeed clients would ask me if I was scared of childbirth as I see it day in day out. To their surprise I stated I was excited to experience labour and could not wait for the time to arrive as this would be the day I meet my beautiful baby. I believe that this is because I have the knowledge and tools on hand to utilise during my labour and birth which were learnt through the Hypnobirthing Australia program.
Midwife Hypnobirthing Practitioner Natural Birth
Midwife & Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner Jemma and baby Meera
I also wanted my husband to have this powerful knowledge so that we could enjoy a calm and empowering birthing experience. So we signed up to a Hypnobirthing course. With this new found knowledge he also spread the word to his friends, including male friends, that childbirth is something to look forward to and not be fearful of. After  listening to my hypnobirthing tracks, practising my breathing techniques and reading and writing my birthing affirmations, we both felted prepared and excited for what was to come.
At 38 weeks and 3 days, after midnight, my waters released and my surges started straight away, being 5 minutes apart. I called my Midwife to give her an update and said I was happy at home, reassured that the waters were clear and that I could feel my baby moving. I told her I was going to tuck myself back into bed and get some rest.
I was in the zone, listening to my Hypnobirthing Australia tracks and breathing calmly through my surges. About two hours after my waters had broken my husband could see that my labour was progressing quickly and was prompting me to start thinking about going to the hospital. Yes, labour was becoming more intense but I was happy where I was and felt in total control, reciting my Birthing Affirmations, knowing that each surge was bringing me closer to meeting my baby. But then he reminded me of the 40 minute drive to the Family Birth Centre and something clicked. Okay, maybe we should call our Midwife to tell her we were on our way.
Whilst in the car, about 10 minutes from the hospital, I was feeling the urge to push. How could this be? I had the knowledge and experience of being a Midwife, but I was a first time Mum, surely I had hours to go.
As promised we met our Midwife at the Family Birth Centre at around 4 am. The room was perfect, totally dark, with the birth mat and ball in place for my convenience. The urges to push were becoming stronger. After doing the baseline set of observations and reassured that my baby was happy, my Midwife encouraged me to sit on the toilet as my body was telling me that this was the position I wanted to be in. Whilst there I did feel a bit out of control as my labour was progressing very quickly. My husband was wonderful, reinforcing the birthing affirmations and encouraging me to relax, and so we worked through this moment together, recentering myself for what was to come. I wasn’t in the bathroom for long. I needed to stand up and push, I wanted to get this show on the road and push my bubba out like my body was telling me to do so.
 Hypnobirthing Practitioner Midwife and Mother Natural Birth
Pushing was great. Each time I could feel my baby coming closer to me.
At 4.53am Meera was born earthside. I received her between my legs, the cord still intact and pulsating away, and held her skin to skin close to my chest. Meera was alert, pink and healthy. We had done it! What an achievement! I was so proud of myself and so thankful to my husband for being a wonderful support. I put my trust in my baby girl and my body and together we achieved a positive, non pharmalogical labour and birth. When health professionals, friends, family and random people in the street ask me about my experience I rave about how wonderful and empowering childbirth was for me and that I look forward to doing it again. I believe that such positivity has set me up for a smooth and enjoyable postpartum period.
Finally, to all those who are becoming parents and considering doing the hypnobirthing course…
I believe hypnobirthing gave me and my husband the knowledge, tools and power to achieve the labour and birth we desired. It doesn’t matter which way you birth, it is having a positive birth that matters ?
Midwife, Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Hypnobirthing Mumma

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