Choosing the right model of care can impact the way you birth!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts in promoting Hypnobirthing and your online course. You played a role in the healthy, happy and completely natural delivery of my beautiful daughter in October last year.

This letter may be longwinded but please bare with me!

I have always been into eating healthy and trying more alternative approaches so when I fell pregnant with my son back in 2015, I looked into Hypnobirthing. I came across your online course and bought it straight away. I printed out all my material, studiously completed the course, got my partner involved and practiced every day in the car on the way to work. I loved the approach and believed in it whole-heartedly.

As it was my first pregnancy, in hindsight, I did not educate myself enough on care providers and options. I thought money equaled the best, so I booked in with what I thought was the best and hence expensive private Obstetrician and hospital in Perth. Throughout my care I found I did not feel comfortable in expressing my Hypnobirthing choices and when I did my voice was not heard.

I was induced for ‘medical reasons’, which I find now questionable and during labour had every intervention in the book. During the labour my Hypnobirthing choices were not respected, from lights being turned on, loud talking, to even my Obstetrician stating “don’t be a hero, just get an epidural.” I tried the Hypnobirthing techniques but I found it near impossible with my care surroundings. After birth I then had two hemorrhages, every issue imaginable breastfeeding and a long painful recovery.

 Online course natural birth

My birthing experience was far from natural and beautiful and I felt like a failure. Friends and family would ask how my ‘Hypnobirth’ went and to be honest I cursed ‘Hynobirthing’ and yourself. In hindsight I have realised it was my own choice that led to my birthing experience – I should have researched and chosen a care provider that was conducive to a natural Hypnobirth and made my choices well known and respected.

When I fell pregnant with my second child last year, I researched my options and decided on midwifery led care via the Family Birthing Centre at a public hospital in Perth. I was still hesitant with practicing Hypnobirthing with my failed previous attempt, but decided later in my pregnancy to get out my material and start practicing! My consistent midwife was incredible supporting and promoting Hypnobirthing and natural birthing options.

When my labour commenced naturally at home, the ‘Bubble of Comfort’ was the only thing getting me through! I stayed at home breathing through the contractions using your Hypnobirthing techniques and when I arrived at the Family Birthing Centre I was fully dilated.  I still remember your voice in my head during labour –  for example ‘…your body knows what to do’. My midwife respected all of my wishes for a Hypnobirth and I birthed in a quiet dimly-lit room on the floor on all fours. We got to lay down with our precious girl for about an hour or so afterwards and breastfeeding came naturally. We were out of the hospital within a few hours and I have had a quick and easy recovery. I couldn’t be happier and am so proud to tell people about my natural Hypnobirthing experience.

Thank you. You contributed to the natural, beautiful birth I always wanted and now I do not feel like a failure anymore.



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