Surrender SURRENDER Surrender!

Hi Melissa,

I just wanted to let you know:

We’ve got ourselves our own little ‘Boss Baby’ – Hugo! Born at 2:38pm. Weighing in at 7 lb 1 oz ? Our hearts have exploded with love xx

I love Hypnobirthing & Prenatal Yoga! Things didn’t go 100% to the vision in my head but my story & experience is my own & I did it!

I did end up getting induced & when finding out that was what was probably going to happen – panic attack & anxiety set in. I turned to my Hypnobirthing strategies here & women who’ve experienced induction who did have bad experiences. That all helped.

labour induction natural birth hypnobirthing dancing through labour
Slow Dancing through labour

Anyway cutting a long story short – the staff at GCUH were amazing, positive & supportive of whatever I wanted/needed to do.

I had to surrender…….surrender to my baby being birthed however it needed to be & knew I was loved & supported & that it didn’t matter what I needed to do, take, have done to Birth.

Surrender SURRENDER Surrender!

I ended up being open to whatever I needed but I wanted to do what I could for as long as I could using what I had learnt & conditioned myself to do.

Little Hugo’s Birth was induced & I ended up birthing him only using Hypnobirthing, Yoga & my incredible support team (Mum, sister, Ryan and Midwife superstar Donna).

My Mum described it as a ‘Beautiful Calm Slow Dance’ around the room.

labour induction natural birth hypnobirthing dancing through labour
Things did get a bit hectic at the end & I was unable to experience the breathing/bearing down or panting as Hugo a little ahead of my body wanting to come out and panicked. His heart rate dropped & he had to come out. I required an episiotomy & had to actually push to get my baby into the world. In 3 pushes he was out & he was totally fine.

Ryan said I turned into AMAZON woman with veins bulging in my neck – to get my baby here & at that point I did not care what had to be done to me – my body & adrenaline took over.

The midwives at GCUH cannot believe how I did it with only the strategies I used & that an induced birth is very different to spontaneous so to do it like that I was very tough. They told me the way I birthed & my attitude is why they love doing what they do….they made me feel like Super Woman. I was open to using whatever though but I just kept going as long as I could.

The midwives want me to teach their Antenatal classes at GCUH! Haha.

Thank-you Melissa for empowering me, empowering women & doing what you do…….Little Hugo is another Hypnobub. ?

Love Anna, Ryan & Hugo xxx


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