Thank you for creating a course that is so incredibly easy to follow and implement to achieving a calm and loving birth that allowed me to be in control.

Natasha’s Birth Story

natural hospital birthI purchased your hypnobirthing course as my first birth I felt to be very painful and I was tense and fearful throughout the whole thing. I had a 19 hour active labour with my first and this time my baby was born at 35 weeks and my active labour was 3 hours.

Friday 15.07.2022 – the day I finished work to start my maternity leave at 35 and 3 days pregnant with my second son.

I was looking forward to the break and preparing for the arrival of our baby boy.

On Saturday the 16.07.2022. I stood up from going to the toilet and felt a slight leak that I couldn’t control. I was surprised and unsure of what it was and thought wow this baby must be putting so much pressure on my bladder I can’t control it!

Throughout the day I kept having trickles and then it stopped for a good 3-4 hours. Thought okay his moved.

Once it happened again but more came out I called the hospital and explained what was happening and they said let’s check it out.

Confirmed as my waters! I had little cramps on the way to the hospital and just couldn’t believe that this could possibly be it. Contractions started about 7am the next morning. Very mild and very tolerable.

At around 10am they really increased and increased in frequency and duration. Averaging 4 contractions every 10 minutes. At 1:05pm on the 17.7.2022 I gave birth to my second son. What was different about this birth compared to my first? EVERYTHING.

calm birthAfter starting the Hypnobirthing course (not even having the chance to finish it) my affirmation cards went up on my mirror and I said them every morning and night to myself in the mirror. The two affirmations that stood out to me were ‘I can do anything for 1 minute’ & ‘My courage is stronger than my fear’

The contractions before I entered active labour – I was silent! Photo attached of how I was throughout majority of my contractions. I breathed fully and with the surge and rode the wave gently and without fear. And the outcome? Less pain! I honestly couldn’t believe it. All that replayed in my head when a contraction was coming was FLOP! Flop your body! Lol

As contractions got stronger, each time I breathed in and out I hummed or did a low groan. I used the gas as I was going into transition and extremely close to giving birth as I did feel fear creeping in as before transition labour with my first son I had an epidural so I didn’t know this feeling.

However strong the contraction was however. I road the wave, surrendered and had such a calm and beautiful birth. First labour – 19 hours
Second labour 3 hours

Thank you hypnobirthing Australia for creating a course that is so incredibly easy to follow and implement to achieving a calm and loving birth that allowed me to be in control.

I didn’t even get to finish the course LOL but I used the techniques to do with breathing and I can’t tell you how much it helped. I believe it is what gave me only a 3 hour labour compared to my first one.

I was in control, It wasn’t as painful, I was still fearful about pushing without an epidural as I did have one the first time. My body took over and did what it needed to do! I gave it the power and had the courage to birth my baby naturally without any pain relief.

Also! No tearing at all. Despite being in a hospital setting which can be daunting on its own – this was the birth I knew I wanted for my second baby and I’m so happy I got it!!

I also feel better postnatally too.

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